Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 Days of Literacy and Learning


Welcome to 31 days of Literacy and Learning! Over the next month 3 lovely ladies will be bringing you 30 different activities, each one based around a children's book with an activity to go with it. There will be everything from play dough, to games, to snacks!

Day 1 : Cloudette

Here's a bit about our authors:

Heather @ It's A Long Story

Samantha @ The Peanuts Gang

Amy @ Sugar & Spice

We are so excited to play with you this month! The fun starts tomorrow!

Happy Reading!

Heather, Samantha & Amy


  1. OH MY GOSH I am loving this blog already! Amazing, amazing, amazing! As a new teacher, this is like the Holy Grail! Thank you!


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