Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2: Now It's Fall

We LOVE Fall around here and the changing seasons. Our favorite book to read as we celebrate the beautiful colors is Now It's Fall by Jeanie Lee.

Complete with pull-out flaps to show how the trees change, simple reading, and beautiful illustrations, this book will surely delight the littlest pumpkin in your crew.

See how the pull-out tabs create different pages? Love that!

Today's project is all about taking what you probably already have around the house and outside and creating something new and beautiful! (Much like fall does with the changing colors!)

Here's what you'll need:
Green leaves (to transform them into colorful fall leaves!)

Paint & paintbrushes! We had white and red on hand (and these leaf dishes make festive paint holders)

White paper (any paper will do)
Any other crafty mediums (think crayons, markers, colored pencils, Bingo dabbers!)

The goal of this project is to transform your green leaves into beautiful fall creations! Charlie enjoyed taking his time, mixing colors, and practicing different strokes with the paintbrush. We then moved our leaves over to dry and will then probably glue them onto a tree on another piece of paper. 

Figure 1 - Place leaves on white paper (or other surface that you don't care if it gets dirty)

Figure 2 - Watch your little artist study his intricate work

Figure 3 - Charlie LOVES to paint!

Figure 4 - Isn't he adorable?

Happy Leaf Painting!

Samantha @ The Peanuts Gang

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