Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 11: One Yellow Lion

Happy Thursday!

Another favorite book during our family's nighttime reading ritual is One Yellow Lion by Matthew Van Fleet. The book covers colors, animals, counting, numbers and even has flip out pages! This is a toddler's dream (and my one and three-year-olds love it!)

I decided to create an activity that would incorporate colors, numbers, fun AND snacks! (Talk about a quadruple threat). Today, we will be creating a Fruit Loop Abacus.

Here's what you'll need:

2 jars of Playdoh (color doesn't matter)
Fruit Loops
A few pieces of spaghetti

Serious counting...

Another activity we love to do with the fruit loops, spaghetti & Playdoh is to make towers. This is great for little fingers to practice hand-eye coordination and seeing how high they can stack their towers!

 Finally, eat them up!

The Fruit Loop Abacus is a great way to practice color sorting, counting, addition, subtraction (and snacking!) This would also work well with Cheerios and other circular, hole-y treats.

Hi from The Peanuts Gang!

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