Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 21: Jumanji

Written by Chris Van Allsburg
Jumanji is an awe-inspiring book about what happens when two kids play a magic game that they find in the park.  Each new space they land on, new things happen, such as lions in the bedroom, monkeys in the kitchen, etc.  The appearing of all of the wild animals mentioned in the game will only go away if they finish the game.  The art in this story is fantastic; depicting the wonder of this imaginative story.


Make your own board game that will be an unforgettable time for YOU and your family.
This game is designed for family bonding nights.  Play it together, and decide together on a prize that the winner (and everyone else) will get - like a trip out for ice cream!

 (Note: Mom will mosr likely make this activity, but the kids will play it!)

First, create a simple game board like this:
I suggest making what I call a "Universal Game board" with numbers - as opposed to the words describing action the player takes - in each space.

Creating this board once allows you to switch out the cards corresponding to each space with anything you want!

For more ideas on how to use a game board like this, see my Universal Game Board post coming up November 1 at Sugar and Spice!

Use card stock and a sharpie marker to make a nice clear board.  Make the spaces about 1 to 1 1/2 inches wide.  A good idea is to practice your board on a sheet of regular paper first, using a pencil, and then attempt your final version.

Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect - it is the thought and effort you are making to create this tool for your children that really counts!

For today, we will be using this game board to create a "family bonding night" game.  This is a game to play with your family for something fun and different to do - to spend time together, to get to know each other better, and to connect with one another.

This version is meant to be played with kids ages 4 to 10, but you can modify some of the directions for older or younger kids.

So, after creating the game board, cut 12 index cards in half, and number them on one side.  On the back of each number card, write the following:

1. give a hug to the player next to you
2. kiss the player to your right
3.  tell a story of a time that you and another player spent together
4. do something nice for the youngest player
5. act like one of the players and see if everyone can guess who
6.  tell one of your favorite family memories
7. name your favorite family activity and why
8. say something you love about every player
9. find something of yours to give to another player and say why you chose that
10.  see if you can make another player laugh
11.  share 3 things you are thankful for
12.  hum a tune that everyone knows and see who can guess first
13. tell how you've seen God's love in one of the players' lives
14. do something helpful for another player in the game
15.  tell one thing that made you feel worried or upset this week
16.  give a clue about another player at the table and see if everyone can guess who
17.  name your favorite book and why
18.  tell the family who your favorite friend is and why
19.  name 5 reasons you are happy to be a part of this family
20.  think of something your family can do together to help someone in need
21. tell someone at the table about a time you did something wrong to them and ask for forgiveness
22.  sing your favorite song for the family
23. tell a player one reason they are special

To play, use a die, roll, and read the card aloud for the player to complete.
The first player to make it to the end, wins!
The winner can choose the family "reward" (such as a trip to the ice cream store, a trip to the park, etc).

Have fun!

You can create a monkey from the cover of Jumanji by cutting a peanut butter sandwich into a pear shape, adding some sandwich ears, and layering a slice of turkey atop the bread as shown for the face.  Use a slice of red bell pepper for his mouth, and two raisins for his eyes.


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