Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 29: Mouse's First Halloween

One of our favorite times of year has to be Autumn.  With Charlie's first year of preschool under way, his farm preschool is the perfect spot to catch all things nature. It even has it's very own pumpkin patch!  We traveled there last weekend and read Mouse's First Halloween to go along with it.

On the quest to discover all the sounds of Halloween, Mouse stumbles upon a friendly pumpkin. In honor of this carved creation, I thought it only fitting to feature pumpkin carvings!

First, pick your pumpkins

Then, wash and admire their beauty.

 Prepare the workspace.

This is the perfect time to get your kids involved.  Draw a pumpkin shape and let them draw the perfect pumpkin face for you to carve.

Charlie's perfect pumpkin.

And here is is come to life! (Why yes, that's a birthday candle inside...)

Mommy's classic

 The Jack O'Lantern Family

Carving pumpkins is always a fabulous tradition. Take it one step further, let your kids get creative and draw what they want you to carve even if it's not "perfect."  Swooped eyes and a crooked smile are all the better! If they are still too little, consider stickers, paint, and crayons! 

Do you love to carve? What's the greatest you've seen? (And Mr. Goomba is a hint at our Halloween costume this year...)

Samantha at The Peanuts Gang

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