Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gettin' Pretty with #EclosBeauty

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of éclos Skin Care for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Hello friends!
When I recently got the chance to try out the éclos Skin Care line, I jumped at it! Who doesn't love free beauty products, am I right?
I have to admit, I am a face care slacker! I'm typically more of the cleansing cloth type of face washer, but these products sounded right up my alley, so I figured "why not?"
First, let me tell you a little bit about éclos Skin Care.
eclos uses Apple Stem Cells from a rare Swiss apple that have been shown to stimulate skin cells, and encourage them to act like younger skin. These are combined with plant enzymes, vitamins and anti-oxidants to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
When I first read that I thought "Seriously? Apple Stem Cells? You have GOT to be kidding me!" However, the real test was how the products made my skin feel. When I got the sample pack in the mail, I was so excited to try it out!
Here's what came in the box:
Facial Cleanser Skin Prep: I love this cleanser! I can't even tell you how many cleansers I've tried that leave my skin feeling dry and tight. This didn't do that at all! On a busy morning, I could use just this product and feel ready to go!
Cellular Activator Face Serum: This product was also nice and light. It is supposed to stimulate cell reproduction and helps your skin resist further damage. With summer coming up and all that comes with being outside more, that makes me happy! It is not SPF, but anything that helps my skin resist damage is great in my book!
Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream: The first time I tried this moisturizer, I thought I hated it. It left my skin feeling greasy, which with my already combination skin, was no fun! As it turns out, I was just using WAY too much! A little bit seriously goes a looong way with this cream! I've been mixing it with some liquid foundation to create a fantastic tinted moisturizer!
Restorative Eye Cream: My mom called dibs on this one! She has a hard time finding eye creams that she likes, as many of them make her face break out if they get too far down on her face. She loves this one so far! No major results yet, but no breakouts either! That's a win for her sensitive skin!
Instant Radiance Facial Scrub: I think this might be my favorite product in the whole line! I use it a few times a week to exfoliate my skin, and it is fantastic. I always feel so clean and polished!
Skin Renewal Clay Mask: I've only been able to use this product once, but I loved it! It left my skin feeling so soft and smooth!
eclos Terry Cloth Headband: It might sound weird, but I seriously love this headband! I can never find headbands that keep all of my hair back, and this one does! It's soft, and cushy, and i love it!
I absolutely loved the way these products made my skin feel! I'm even getting to the point where I feel like I can leave the house without some sort of foundation on, which is great for summer. Honestly, I was just as convinced of these products when I didn't use them for a few days. I had a few busy mornings, and didn't get to use my eclos. Oh, man! Did I ever break out! I'm still recovering, so my after picture doesn't look all that different from my before...sorry!

(most unflattering pictures EVER! Yikes!!)
I can promise you that my skin feels a million times better!
So, now that I've raved about éclos Skin Care, let me tell you my favorite, favorite part...the price! Products like this used to only be available at high end retailers, and let's face it...I don't shop at high end retailers! However, these products are totally in my price point! I saw them at Super Target last week! Can't beat that.
Ready to try out Eclos for yourself? They were generous enough to send me an extra sample kit to give away! All you need to do is leave me a little comment letting me know which product you are the most excited about trying. Easy peasy!
*giveaway will close Saturday 6/2 at Midnight CST*
Be blessed!
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our Week in Pictures: Memorial Day edition

Hi friends!

Our week ran a little long this time, so our pics are coming late!

We took another trip to the zoo. Abbey desperately wanted a red wagon, and then pulled it "so carefully" around the nature trail.

 It seems like Abbey is losing her daily nap (nooooo!!), so mid afternoon "rests" are becoming the norm.

We went out to dinner for my mom's birthday. Abbey is on tap! Who knew??

I got fun new mint nail polish. I'm pretty much in love with it. Isn't it amazing how something so little can make you so happy?

We headed up to Michigan for the holiday weekend to visit my in-laws. Abbey is such a good traveller!

I love Michigan! I went to college there (GVSU!! Go Lakers!) and I miss it terribly!

Matt's little sister tried to teach him how to rip-stick. It was some high quality entertainment!

I love summer evenings! 

The boys golfed... 

Abbey discovered hopscotch...
We went out to ice cream that evening. Funny story, I walked into my in-laws local ice cream shop and came face to face with Katie of The Terpblog! It was a little bizarre! I just recently found her though these Insta-Friday posts over at Life Rearranged, and there she was, with her adorable family! We're bad bloggers and didn't get a time!

 Hooray for sprinklers!

And getting some sun on these tragically white legs!

 Post-swimming curls...iDie!

Who doesn't love a good campfire??

Abbey got lots of quality Auntie time, which is always fun!

Have a great week!

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Be blessed!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Abbey likes to do her "homework" while I do mine. It makes me smile.

Be blessed!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our Week In Pictures

Hi friends!
How was your week? I hope it was great.  Ours was actually pretty quiet, which was nice!

We had a great dinner out at one of our favorite restaurants for Mother's Day.

 Abbey's in this really awesome phase right now that involves skipping naps, even though she really still needs them...

See? Totally zonked at dinner.  Remember last week when I told you how weird it is for her to fall asleep in weird place. Well, the trend continues! Apparently this week it involves creepy sleepy eyes!

We are officially the proud owners of one brightly colored back yard sprinkler!

Abbey loved it the first day! Now she doesn't seem to want to play in it....huh.

See? Sprinkler induced joy!

Abbey's Dino Hoodie from Elle Dee Designs came this week! She didn't take it off for 2 days. Seriously.

Here's another sneek peek of what I'm working on. More is coming...promise!

I'm still doing well going wheat-free! I'm pretty proud. The best part this week was getting to put whatever I wanted on my pizza! Woot! It's the little things, really...

Yeah, about that whole "I can't take a nap" thing...

My husband is a super hero, in case you were wondering. We were short some teachers for our second service this morning and he and another dad stepped in and ran the 2's room! That is not an easy task my friends!

Have a great week, friends!

Be blessed!


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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Toddler Box 5: Matching

Hi friends!

I have a new Toddler Box for you today! Not gonna lie, this one was pretty much an accident, but it's one of Abbey's favorites!

I know matching games are nothing new. Between real life games, phones and ipads we have approximately 213981346123678 of them. Abbey loves them!

I had originally just planned to keep all of her card games in this box. Simple storage. Then we pulled out a matching game one day...

We spread the cards all over the floor, and on a fluke, when Abbey found a match, I stuck them in the box instead of just making a pile on the floor.

They fit perfectly! I mean, I couldn't have planned it if I tried. Seriously. So, the matching Toddler Box was born.

Abbey can play this game completely on her own at this point. Sometimes she needs help getting the cards spread out, but after that, she's good to go!
My favorite part of this cleans itself up! I'm serious. The whole point of the game is to put the cards back in the box! Win!

Right now, our favorite game is this one, from Dollar Tree:

I liked that it gave me 2 different options for matching. I love things that get harder as Abbey is ready for it. Right now she matches the split pictures. We haven't tried the flip side yet. We'll try soon!

Another one I just found in the $1 section at Target (love!) is this one:

We've just started working on rhyming with Abbey, so I think she'll like this one.

Really, any matching game would work. Use whatever your little one is ready for!

Be blessed!


p.s. Make sure you check out the Kids Co-Op party down below, and link up any fun things you've been up to! There are some great ideas in there!

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Flair Magnets

Hello friends!

In case you missed it, I wanted to share my guest post from over at Busily Spinning Momma last week.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I have a super simple tutorial for you today! 
I was recently at a work conference, and over the course of the week I gathered quite a collection of "flair" buttons. You know, the ones with pins on the back. Some of them we just too cute or funny to part with, and they all come with great memories! My bulletin board at work needed some new magnets, and so...Flair  Magnets were born!

This project could not be any easier, I promise!

Start out by gathering your materials.
You will need:
A wire cutter of some sort
strong glue (I used E-6000, hot glue might work, but I wanted to make sure they were secure)

Start by pulling the pins out of the buttons.

You could probably leave the rest of the pin in their, but I chose to wrestle it out of there. Be carefull, I tore the front of one of my buttons while I did it! Oops!

Now, glue on your magnets.
A little bit of E-6000 goes a long way!

I've found that E-6000 likes to ooze out of the bottle whether I'm squeezing it or not.
Just put it down over another button and it does the work for you! Sweet!

Here are my buttons, all glued and magnet-ed.

I highly recommend doing this project outside if you are using E-6000. That stuff stinks!

Let your magnets dry and cure for about 24 hours.

There you have it! Cute magnets that come with fun memories! 

Thanks so much for letting me hang with you today!

  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I'm part of a giveaway over at BSM! Follow the link and scroll down past the first giveaway results to see what you can win, and get a little sneak peek of something I'm working on! YAY!

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Be blessed!


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