Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our Week In Pictures

Hi friends!
How was your week? I hope it was great.  Ours was actually pretty quiet, which was nice!

We had a great dinner out at one of our favorite restaurants for Mother's Day.

 Abbey's in this really awesome phase right now that involves skipping naps, even though she really still needs them...

See? Totally zonked at dinner.  Remember last week when I told you how weird it is for her to fall asleep in weird place. Well, the trend continues! Apparently this week it involves creepy sleepy eyes!

We are officially the proud owners of one brightly colored back yard sprinkler!

Abbey loved it the first day! Now she doesn't seem to want to play in it....huh.

See? Sprinkler induced joy!

Abbey's Dino Hoodie from Elle Dee Designs came this week! She didn't take it off for 2 days. Seriously.

Here's another sneek peek of what I'm working on. More is coming...promise!

I'm still doing well going wheat-free! I'm pretty proud. The best part this week was getting to put whatever I wanted on my pizza! Woot! It's the little things, really...

Yeah, about that whole "I can't take a nap" thing...

My husband is a super hero, in case you were wondering. We were short some teachers for our second service this morning and he and another dad stepped in and ran the 2's room! That is not an easy task my friends!

Have a great week, friends!

Be blessed!


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