Thursday, May 17, 2012

Toddler Box 5: Matching

Hi friends!

I have a new Toddler Box for you today! Not gonna lie, this one was pretty much an accident, but it's one of Abbey's favorites!

I know matching games are nothing new. Between real life games, phones and ipads we have approximately 213981346123678 of them. Abbey loves them!

I had originally just planned to keep all of her card games in this box. Simple storage. Then we pulled out a matching game one day...

We spread the cards all over the floor, and on a fluke, when Abbey found a match, I stuck them in the box instead of just making a pile on the floor.

They fit perfectly! I mean, I couldn't have planned it if I tried. Seriously. So, the matching Toddler Box was born.

Abbey can play this game completely on her own at this point. Sometimes she needs help getting the cards spread out, but after that, she's good to go!
My favorite part of this cleans itself up! I'm serious. The whole point of the game is to put the cards back in the box! Win!

Right now, our favorite game is this one, from Dollar Tree:

I liked that it gave me 2 different options for matching. I love things that get harder as Abbey is ready for it. Right now she matches the split pictures. We haven't tried the flip side yet. We'll try soon!

Another one I just found in the $1 section at Target (love!) is this one:

We've just started working on rhyming with Abbey, so I think she'll like this one.

Really, any matching game would work. Use whatever your little one is ready for!

Be blessed!


p.s. Make sure you check out the Kids Co-Op party down below, and link up any fun things you've been up to! There are some great ideas in there!

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  1. LOVE this toddler box idea. So clever to use cards and just cut up! I also shared a matching game idea... great minds think alike! :o)

  2. I had to LOL that this was an accident, but seriously, sometimes the best ideas come without any planning! New follower from KBN.

  3. My daughter would love this activity! Thanks for sharing at A Pinteresting Party.

  4. This is a great idea. My daughter (just turned 3) plays a similar game with her Princess Memory Game ... she discovered she'd much rather just find the matches when they are all scattered on the floor (rather than actually play Memory). Thanks so much for sharing it on the Kids Co-Op Linky (as well as being a part of it too!) :0)


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