Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our Week in Pictures

Hello Friends! 

It's been a busy week around here! Busy, but oh so fun!

I have a wheat allergy that I usually choose to ignore. This week however, I got to the point that I just can't do that anymore. My mommy made me gluten free blackberry/rhubarb cobbler and it was so yummy!

We had a lot of rain over the weekend, but the weather was so nice this week! Abbey watered some rocks...

 And pretended to be an airplane...
(this one makes Matt happy!)
We spent all day outside! Abbey loves taking pictures with my phone. "I want to see?"

We ran around so much that something happened that has never happened before! Abbey fell asleep in the middle of the floor before dinner. She has never just fallen asleep somewhere other than her bed or carseat!

Thursday was play date day! Several of the people I work with at church have kids about the same age as Abbey. This was the first time we've managed to get them together! Yeah, we're lame that way.

Apparently all that playing was exhausting (that and the lack of a nap), because she fell asleep on Daddy after her bath!

Awww...sleepy monkey...

Friday was one of those days that is just so gorgeous that you literally cannot stay in the house. We headed up to Cosley Zoo ("the little zoo"). This is the perfect toddler sized zoo! It's mostly farm and local animals (it doubles as a rescue facility) and Abbey loves it!

We met an owl. Abbey lost interest pretty quickly...there were too many animals to see!

We enjoyed a picnic on the grass.

And saw some ducks....

And some chickens...

We stopped for frozen yogurt on our way home. This is what you get when you let the toddler choose the toppings.

A gorgeous day wouldn't be complete without a trip to the park.

And to wrap up Epic Toddler Day, we visited the bouncy houses that were set up at the ice rink where Matt was playing hockey! Seriously. Could you ask for a better day as an almost 3 year old? I think not.

Be blessed!


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