Monday, October 28, 2013

Get Inspired for the Holidays!

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Hey there friends!

Can we talk about how the holidays are completely sneaking up on me? Gift displays at Target and that one friend on Facebook that insists on posting countdowns to Christmas. Stop, just STOP!


I am in serious need of some help. If you are too, then I have a pretty sweet deal for you. It's the Inspired Holiday Bundle!

This is a seriously fantastic bundle. Over 25 resources from everything from Halloween to Christmas for $25! 

Here is what I'm looking forward to the most:

  • Be Thankful: Cultivating Year-Round Thankfulness by Amanda Pelser from Kids in the Word
    • We're working very hard over here to teach Abbey thankfulness and gratitude. This should be a big help!

  • November & December Planning Packs for Children by Stephanie Eidson from The Multi Taskin' Mom
    • These are full of meaningful printables like letter templates, prayer lists and ways to be a blessing. Definitely a fantastic way to stay intentional during all the craziness!

  • Homeschooling & the Holidays Giving Thanks by Felice Gerwitz from Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network
    • This is actually a recording of all sorts of homeschooling families and the ways that they handle the holidays with grace and joy. It includes baking ideas, ways to keep the joy in the season, and STRESS BUSTERS! Woot!

  • Extreme Christmas Savings E-Book & BONUS Planner Pages by Alicia Myers from Extreme Christmas Savings
    • I'm always looking for great ways to save for Christmas. This will have some great ideas!
  • Celebrate Jesus: An Advent Celebration for Families by Amy Blevins from Bow of Bronze
    • Abbey is finally old enough to really start embracing Advent and all that comes with it. This should be a lot of fun to go through together as a family!

  • The Sassy Christmas Season Planner by Jill Craft from The Sassy Slow Cooker
    • I am NOT a natural born planner, so anything that can help keep me organized and on track (especially with a new baby coming soon!) sounds good to me! And it's cute, so BONUS!

  • 25 Days of Easy Christmas Crafts for Children by Sarah Robinson from Sidetracked Sarah
    • Abbey LOVES crafts now, and who doesn't need a great list of simple Christmas crafts? I can't wait to dig into these!

  • Everyday Christmas: Helping your kids find Jesus in the everyday moments of the season by Lori Fairchild from Everyday Truth
    • I don't think it's possible to inject enough Jesus into our lives, especially when the chaos of the holidays is upon us. Christmas is about Jesus for heaven's sake, and He still gets lost! I want to teach Abbey to see Jesus every day, and this fits the bill perfectly!

Ok, that's just my list of books to read first. This bundle gets even better! Do not let this holiday season slip by! Make each moment special and gather the inspiration you need from the Inspired Holiday Bundle - 25 products for holiday inspiration at only $25. You save over $125! As if what I already showed you wasn't enough, here is what else is included:
Such an amazing list! This sale only lasts until Nov 3rd, so don't miss it!

Inspired Holiday Bundle - buy it now
Be blessed!
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sun Shine Down Review and Giveaway!

**Giveaway Closed**
Winner: Katie G!

Hi friends!

I want to share something with you today.

This is my friend, Gillian.
Isn't she pretty? She's also pretty amazing. Gillian and I met through work we do with Joni & Friends teaching local churches all about Special Needs Ministry. She is smart, funny, she speaks at MOPS groups all over the Chicagoland Area about life, parenting, imperfection and depression. She is the wife of a pastor at a small neighborhood church in Chicago, and had 4 daughters, 3 biologically, and 1 by way of adoption. Her 2 youngest daughters, Polly and Evie, have Down syndrome. 

As if all that wasn't enough to keep her busy. Gillian has written a book. It chronicles Polly's birth in Ukraine where Gillian and her husband were missionaries, her diagnosis, and the emotional roller coaster that followed. The care and treatment of people with disabilities is drastically different in Ukraine than here in the states, so the book also follows their move back, and the transitions that came with it.

 You guys, this book is the real deal. It is raw, and truthful, and lays it all out there. Although He certainly plays a role, this is not your typical "and then Jesus made it all better" Christian memoir. I was blessed to be able to read this book before it was published, and while I was expecting to enjoy it, I was not expecting to relate to it so much. I have no idea what it is like to deal with an unexpected disability (or an expected one for that matter). However, I do know what it is like to struggle to bond with my child.

 I'm almost embarrassed to admit it, but I struggled to bond with Abbey when she was born. Between a very long induction with a lot of intervention, a 2 day stay in the NICU, and some undiagnosed Post Partum Depression, I didn't really experience that "ooey-gooey" love that so many new mother's talk about about until Abbey was about 3 months old. People would say things like "don't you just want to sit and hold her all day and just stare at that little face?!" and I would smile back at them, all the while thinking "No, I just want to put her down and crawl into bed!" I remember the moment that I "fell in love" with my daughter, and it took my breath away. I remember thinking "Oh, THERE it is!"  Reading about how Sergei, Gillian's husband, latched on to this little baby girl of theirs so intensely and immediately brought back memories of my own husband's attachment to our daughter. Those memories hurt and heal all at the same time.

If you are, or know a mama of a child with special needs, this book is for you. If you aren't a mama of a child with special needs, this book is for you, too.

It is available in print, on Kindle, and on Nook.

There is also one  copy available for you here! That's right, I'm so in love with this book that I'm giving away a copy. Just leave a comment down below about why you want to read this book and I will randomly choose a winner. The winner will be announced on Thursday!

Oh, and go follow Gillian. You definitely want to!

Be blessed!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Be A Blessing with Project7

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Hey there friends!

How often do you have the chance to be a blessing to someone else? I feel like it's something that I don't get to do often enough, even in small ways. It's certainly something I don't work hard enough at in the major ways. That's why I love it when I have the chance to bless someone else. It brings them joy, which brings me joy.

Growing up, one of the most common ways I saw people blessing others was through giving meals. There is just something about bringing someone else a meal that speaks love. I've seen meals shared in times of grief and crisis, and I've seen them shared in times of joy. In both situations the meals, and the people who lovingly prepared them were a tremendous blessing. Just this week I got the chance to be one of those blessings!

Just this past weekend I was a leader of the team that puts on our annual women's overnight retreat at my church. My friend, Hilary, was also part of the team, and was 37 weeks pregnant. Yes, she's a saint! We had this crazy, meticulous, minute-by-minute schedule and would joke about the fact that somewhere in there we should tuck in "Hilary leaves to have a baby."

Well guess what? That's just what she did!

At about 9pm Hilary decided that she wasn't feeling well and was going home to get a good night's sleep. By 9am sweet Cora was here! 3 weeks early, but healthy and beautiful. Such a miracle!

Of course, my brain went into meal mode. This is their first baby, and I know how overwhelming that can be. I wanted to bring them something that was simple, but didn't need to be eaten right away. Something that could go in the freezer until after the wave of new baby meals subsides if they wanted it to. I immediately went to my all time favorite meal to share, Baked Ziti. A quick trip to Meijer and I had all that I needed!

I love this meal because it's easy, affordable, quick to throw together and freezes beautifully. It's even something you could make a few batches of and keep in the freezer just in case a crisis pops up (like they tend to do) in your neighborhood or family. Add a salad mix and some garlic bread and you are good to go!

1 lb ground meat
1 bag shredded cheese
1 box pasta
1 jar pasta sauce

Here's how it comes together:

1. Brown your meat. Once it is cooked, simmer it with your pasta sauce. Cook your pasta about half way, as this will eventually go into the oven and no one likes soggy pasta! I like to use whole wheat pasta for this recipe since it tends to hold up better.

2. Add your pasta, sauce, meat, and about half the cheese into a tray. I like foil for sharing meals. No worries about getting pans back to where they belong!

3. Mix it all up and top with the rest of the cheese.

4. Write reheating instructions on some foil and wrap everything up tight.

See? I told you it was easy!

I wasn't able to get this meal to their house, but I was able to bring it to church on Sunday. It went into the fridge in the kitchen and Hilary's Mother-In-Law was able to grab it and take it over. That's what I love about being in community! When one person can only make it so far, another person is there to finish the job. Amazing!

Being a blessing doesn't have to be complicated. Changing the world starts one small action at a time. What if that action could be as easy as buying a different pack of gum?

Project 7 makes it that easy! Their vision is simple. Use products that people are already buying to make a difference around the world. Here is what they have to say about it. I don't think I could say it better!

“If people are going to buy things. Lots of things. Then let’s use those things they purchase to help change the world around us. Let’s make everyday products for everyday people to solve everyday problems around the globe.”

Easy, right? I grabbed these packs at Meijer while I was grabbing the ingredients for dinner. I often feel like because our budget is so tight that I can't contribute in any significant way. But you know what? I can buy a pack of gum. Lots of people doing little things can be just as effective, if not more, than a few people doing big things. Do we need the big things? Of course! But don't discredit the little things you can do every day!

Take a moment to learn a bit more about Project 7 and their mission:

Keep up with Project 7 here:

Be blessed, and be a blessing!

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