Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 22: Bridget's Beret

Hi friends!

Today I've got another great book by Tom Lichtenheld (the author of Cloudette)! Our book for today is Bridget's Beret.
I am officially a Tom Lichtenheld fan. This is a great story about doing what you love, and it includes classic art!

Today I wanted to show you something that gets used all the time in our house: our art bin!

I bought a simple bin with a lid with a handle. It's simple, portable, and lives on the same shelf as our Toddler Boxes.

It's full of all our favorite arts and crafts supplies, so they're easy to get to whenever we need them.

Here's what we keep on hand:

(clockwise from top left)
Dot paint: We do a lot of bingo dauber sheets (my favorites are HERE), so these are great. The biggest "investment" in the bin though. Totally worth it!
Tempera paint: Great for general paint projects. Washable (woot!). 
Finger paint: Not the biggest hit over here, but nice to have around
Sun Catcher stain: Plastic sun catchers cost about a dollar at Hobby Lobby. Great "special treat" after a day of running errands
Water colors: Perfect for simple, mess free painting. These come out at dinner time a LOT.

Craft Supplies:

Pipe Cleaners: Plain and Sparkle varieties. They're in toddler boxes, they're in Christmas projects. They're pretty much all purpose. Get some!
Craft Sticks: You know....for building things.
Foamie Stickers: Great for simple collages. Great fine motor practice, too!
Pom Poms: If we're not using the dot paint for dauber sheets, we use these. Also fun for collages.


What good is an art bin without glitter? Ours stays in a ziploc bag 1) so it will stay together and 2) because glitter messes are no fun to clean up!


Rainbow scratch art sheets
Our crayons tend to be out for general use, so they don't stay in the bin. 

Elmer's School Glue: Good for general crafting. Also makes great Cloud Paint!
Glue dotters: These used to be standard on my school supply list, and I like them SO much better than glue sticks. They don't try out, and you actually get a usable amount of glue without much pressure.

At any given time there may or may not be a random assortment of other stuff in here, depending on recent projects, but these are the staples. I love having everything in one place, it makes quick activities so easy! Also, nothing in here is to expensive, or fancy so I don't worry about letting Abbey go wild.

Have fun putting together your art bin!

Just joining in? Make sure you check out the rest of the series!

Be blessed!


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  1. Hi Heather! I enjoyed this post. It brought back memories of my own craft box I had as a child! I was elementary aged, and mine included the items you mentioned, as well as a pack of gummed paper in assorted colors (for cutting and adding to collage-type art),Cray-paints (an easy to use soft crayon/oil paint) and pastels. Loved it then, love it now!


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