Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 16: Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf

Hello friends!

I don't know about where you live, but fall here in Chicagoland has been beautiful this year! I remember being so excited to be back from Phoenix last year, and being so disappointed in the fall colors we had. This year has been spectacular! You can't help but get outside and enjoy it!

Today's book is a great one by the always fantastic Lois Ehlert, Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf.

It is such a wonderful book for this time of year, and has inspired all sorts of leaf collecting! Matt took Abbey out the other day to collect leaves from school. I told him to snap some pictures (always the blogger!) and this is what he got:

Gosh, I love them!

Looks like a successful trip to me!

Now, I happen to believe that a Nature Walk to collect leaves is a great activity in and of itself, but what if you want to actually do something with all those leaves when you get home? 
Here are some ideas for you:

(Almost) exactly a year ago we made some Fall Leaf Art. Gah! She's so little!

Putti's World has some adorable leaf ghosts and monsters!

Here are some great examples of leaf rubbings from In Lieu of Preschool.

And how cute are these leaf puppets from The Chirping Moms?!

Now get out there and find some leaves!

Just joining in? Make sure you check out the rest of the series!

Be blessed!


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  1. I have no many good memories of doing leaf rubbings as a kid...or we would collect them and iron them between two pieces of wax paper! Fun to see the pics of Abbey having such a great time! :)


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