Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Leaf Art

I love that Abbey is at the age that we can start doing arts and crafts together. I love it even more when said arts and crafts are free! Our neighborhood is absolutely loaded with all sorts of pretty leaves right now, so I decided to take advantage and do some leaf art.
See? Isn't that pretty? How cute are those little baby maple leaves?!

This project could NOT be any easier. 
We picked up some leaves on our way home from the park. It gave Abbey a nice distraction since she was not happy about going home. Bonus!

We started out with some glue. Abbey spread some glue onto her paper, and then I went back and made sure there was a decent amount there so the leaves would stick.

Once the glue was on, Abbey got full creative freedom!

Can you tell she doesn't like getting her hands messy? haha!

And here it is....easy peasy!
How's that for a proud face?!


  1. AW cutiepie! Nice job both of you!!! :)

  2. Hi Heather! I think I found you over from Rae, anyway I love your blog, did you really just start? I would like it if you had a contact me spot on your profile- not that I have one on mine, but your blog is cooler... This is a great idea, I think I'm going to do this with glue in the shape of an L for Leaf for my almost 4 year old.


  3. @Rae

    Thanks Rae! You have no idea how excited I got when I saw that you commented on my blog! It made my day!

  4. @Post-it Note

    Thanks so much! I love the idea of doing the shape of an L!


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