Monday, October 10, 2011

Indian Summer

Did you know that Indian Summer had an actual definition? I always thought it was just a brief warm up after the weather has started to cool down. It turns out, for it to be "officially" Indian Summer, that warm up has to occur after a freeze. learned something today! Well, maybe you didn't, but I did!
(who says the news isn't worth watching anymore??)

We have had 2 weeks of absolutely glorious weather. Shorts and a t-shirt in October? in Chicago?? Awesome. I actually had to dig out clothes that I had packed away already! We have been taking full advantage of it for sure. Lots of trips to the park, and as much outside time as we can get! We've also been getting creative with all of these gorgeous leaves, so be watching for that!

I'll take it while I can, because I am not quite ready for my first Chicago winter in 5 years. They're already predicting that this year is going to be a record breaker in terms of cold and snow...great.

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