Monday, October 3, 2011

A trip to the orchard

We went apple picking this weekend. That is one of the things I missed most while we were in Arizona! There is seriously nothing better than a ripe apple straight off the tree. We got to spend the day with friends. Matt has known them since he was little, and their daughter is just a few months younger than Abbey. We went to Kuiper's Family Farm and had a blast! This place is adorable! There is an apple side with an orchard and a store, and a pumpkin side that had all sorts of games and run-around stuff. Unfortunately, you have to pay separately for each side and that just didn't fit into our (very small) budget. Apples it is!

First we had to figure out which way to go...

Then we headed out to pick.
Who doesn't need an apple the size of their head?

New friends are the BEST!

Could they get any cuter?! iDie!

Family photo op!!

And of course there were tractors to ride on...

and horseys too...

and the sign of a truly great day...

She slept the entire 40 minute drive home, and then for another 2+ hours once we got home!
God bless fresh air and sunshine!

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