Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Adventures in style blogging?

I don't think I'm a style blogger. Heck, most days I don't even think I have style, but that's something I've been working on. I did the SAHM-jammies-all-day thing, and I did the teacher-on-a-budget thing, but now I want to do the "Why, yes, I am 27!" thing. However, I'm still on a budget, so that doesn't get to involve as much shopping as I would like!
One of my new favorite things to do is belt a cardigan. Thanks, in part, to one of my favorite blogs, Momma Go Round. If you don't know this blog, you should! I love her Real Momma, Real Style posts. Very cute, modest stuff, and completely accessible price points. She loves Old Navy as much as I do...this is a good thing for my budget!
Momma Go Round
I had tried belting things before, but I always did it around my true waist and it was always a disaster. Hello, pudge! Then I had the genius idea to belt things at a more Empire waistline. Success!! I love it. It's flattering, and more comfortable. It's pretty much become a wardrobe staple.
Here is today's take on it:
I think it's a keeper! I love the green paired with the black and white. I wore my favorite $8 patent leather flats (these things will live forever..seriously! They made it through a year of teaching!), and what I like to call my Hot Mess Mommy bracelet. Throw that baby on with any outfit, and it looks like you thought about what you put on before you ran out of the house! Oh, and can we talk about these jeans? These jeans that retail for $60? These jeans that I got at Goodwill, in perfect condition, for $2.50. If that's not a happy dance moment, I don't know what is!
Oh, and bear with my awful pictures. I live in a basement with NO natural light, and it's raining, and there was no one home to help me out! They'll get better...I promise!

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  1. Love that you belt at the empire line. It is very flattering!


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