Monday, September 26, 2011

Rainy Days

I never used to love rainy days. I think when you grow up in the midwest, and you have them all the time, they get sort of annoying. However, after four and a half years in the desert where "rainy days" last for, like, an hour I have a new found appreciation for them.

Rainy days are perfect for...

     Baking homemade bread (with my favorite recipe.'s so good.)

     and boots

and bowls of chili with said homemade bread

     and snuggles on the couch

Here's to rainy days.


  1. Hey no way you can tease us with home made bread and not share the recipe!!


  2. It's linked up! I wouldn't leave you hanging like that!

  3. Hi Heather, do you make that bread exactly as the recipe? Yours doesn't look as wheat-y in the pictures (yours looks yummier).

  4. This batch was made with a combination of All Purpose flour, White Whole Wheat, and bread flour. It was what we had on hand. When I make it with all whole wheat, I prefer to use white whole wheat flour. It's much lighter. I use it in just about everything!


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