Friday, September 21, 2012

Our End of Summer in Pictures

Oh my gosh, don't fall over...

I'm posting!

I know. I'm pretty surprised, too. It's been one of those weeks, folks, but I've missed you!

I love the summer/fall transition. I missed it in Phoenix. A lot.

You never quite know when it's going to happen, but one day you wake up and think "yep, it's fall".

That happened this week.

Here's what we've been up to around here.

 First days of Preschool happened. Um...what? Who gave her permission to do that?

Hookey was played, and last trips to the beach were enjoyed.

Gorgeous afternoon blogs were read.

Husbands took overnight flight school trips, and wives had trouble sleeping. Dr Who was deemed the appropriate cure.

Naps were enjoyed. Of both the kitten...

...and toddler varieties.

Seasonal firsts were sipped...

and worn.

Cute hats were tried on...

And then made for half price!

Gloves were spotted. Not OK.

Chicken Chili went straight to the hips

Homemade applesauce was smashed.

And new #SheReadsTruth was started!

How has your week been? Are seasons changing where you are?

Be blessed!


life rearranged


  1. i LOVE your photos & following along on instagram!! no weather changes here - still mid-70's and lovely! although, i cannot WAIT for boot weather!!!!

  2. I enjoyed looking your pictures. Nice idea with the blackboard. I'm still following. Your daughter is really adorable.


  3. Jealous of the beach trip, applesauce, and Starbucks. Wish I could've joined you for all three, followed by a nice portion of chili! Glad you could enjoy this week, Heather!


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