Friday, January 11, 2013

The ABCs of Preschool Play: Day 5

Hello friends!

We're here! The end of the alphabet! Let's get to it.

U is for: Under the Sea
Bust out the art supplies and make an under the sea collage like Just For Daisy. Pair it with your favorite books, and even a trip to the aquarium (or the pet section at the grocery store, am I right?) and you have a pretty fun day!

V is for: Vegetables
Who says you can't play with your food? Creative With Kids used them as paintbrushes! It looks like lots of fun, and may even make veggies more approachable for those picky eaters!

W is for: Water
I wanted to choose just one water table post for you, and then I found Caution! Twins at Play's pinboard. You need to go check this out. For real. They are all her ideas, and they are all amazing!

X is for: X-Ray
Abbey has been asking about her bones lately. Actually, it started with her asking about her ears, then moved to cartilage, and then to bones, but you get the point! Marnie from Carrots Are Orange has a great post about learning what's inside.

Y is for: Yoga
While I may not subscribe to the more spiritual aspects of yoga, I have absolutely seen its physical benefits. Kid World Citizen has a great list of ways yoga can benefit kids.

Z is for: Zoo
We're big fans of the zoo in this household. We're blessed to have several nearby, and we take full advantage of them. However, a trip doesn't need to be a day away from home. Check out the ideas for a backyard zoo from The Educator's Spin On It.

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Be blessed!


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