Sunday, January 6, 2013

Our Week in Pictures

Hi friends!

I'm squeaking this one in! I've been working on an exciting project for this week, but I don't want the truly important things to get lost. These are the blessings that I forget to thank God for every day. Thank you, Lord.
Thank You.

Abbey had her first "slumber party". We spent New Year's Eve at a friend's house and thought that setting the girls up with a movie and sleeping bags would knock them out. Well, Abbey was one of the two of them that fell 11:45.

Cheers! Matt and I were long-distance almost right up until we got married. Somehow, we always managed to spend New Years Eve together though. It's kind of our thing.

A sushi restaurant by us has a Kid's Menu. Family night out just got so much better!

Little Girl chowed. down. on some edamame! Note to self: Stock up on edamame.

I've started a new devotional plan, and I'm loving it! (the ReThink Life reading plan in the YouVersion app. If you don't have it, go get it!) I have a whole group of new friends on Instagram who are keeping me accountable!

#truth. #harderthanitsounds

I'm working hard on getting back on track. I only gained 1 pound over the holidays, which I consider a win! This is such a work in progress for me. Bear with me! Keep me going!

I've heard incredible things about this book. I'm ready for it to rock my world!

We caught Monster's Inc in 3D. I worked as an in-home aide for a little boy with Autism while I was in college. We probably watched this movie 47203826480832 times. I still love it! I miss him...

There's a Melissa & Doug section at Target!!!! I pretty much did a happy dance in the store.

We're loving these paint pages!

Is it possible to take to many sleeping baby pictures? I think not.

My church has a dodge ball tournament every year. It started out as (and still is) a fundraiser for our high schoolers to go to their work camp trip. It is now a big. deal. Teams from all over town come and play. This is my little brother rocking it. Matt played the next day, and still can't move very well! Yeah...he's old. ; )

 Want to know what a growth spurt looks like?
Naps that look like this:

and dinners that involve 6 pieces of pizza. Yep. 6.

Happy Birthday, Pa!

life rearranged

Be blessed!


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