Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY cloth training pants!

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 First of all, I have an important announcement: Abbey slept in big girl pants all night last night!! Yaaayyyy!!!
She slept in these:

We used cloth diapers for Abbey, and have loved them. We would use disposable from time to time, but for the most part she was in cloth so, when we started moving into potty training, we knew that store bought disposable trainers were not an option. As I started looking for cloth training pants (ones with some level of  absorbency and a waterproof liner), I was incredibly disappointed. I don't mind paying $15-$18 for a diaper that will be used for 2 1/2 years, but for training pants? I don't think so!
So, now I was on a mission! I knew I could make something for soooo much less than that, but how to do it? I wasn't really feeling making the training pants from scratch. That's a lot of work, and I knew I would be really picky about the fit, and I just don't have the time or energy for all of that. (If you're feeling ambitious, Elsie Marley has a very cute kids undies pattern HERE) Abbey already had some Gerber trainers, you know, the ones that have a little extra padding, so I decided to just start with those. I grabbed some flannel and some PUL and was ready to go!
What's that? You don't know what PUL is, or where to get it? Well, let me tell you!
PUL is the laminated fabric that is used to make the outer liners of cloth diapers, and you can now buy it at both JoAnn AND Hobby Lobby! Woot!

I started by making my pattern;
I used wax paper, pinned it around the trainer, and traced the seams of the reinforced section.

I ended up with this:

If you look closely, the bottom section is about half an inch longer than the top section. That part ends up on the back of your training pants.

I labelled my pattern, just to be safe.

Then I used my rotary cutters to cut out 4 layers of flannel, and one layer of PUL, leaving me with this:

Quick note: PUL can be a little pricey, about $15 a yard, but you use so little for this project, that it's not a budget buster. I purchased 1/4 yard, and it was MORE than enough. I could easily get 15 of these pieces out of my little bit of PUL. 

I started by pinning and sewing the flannel into the inside of the training pants.
Why flannel? It's soft, absorbent, and not too bulky.
I pinned and then did a zig-zag stitch all the way around. One trip around is fine, since you'll do another trip around when you sew the PUL to the outside.

Flip the training pants to the right side, and repeat this process with the PUL.
(no, you're not crazy, I switched training pants on you! White on white doesn't photo well!)
These two steps could probably be combined into one if you really want. I don't like sewing blind, so I did each side in it's own.

There you have it! Your own (roughly) waterproof cloth training pants for...maybe $3.50 a pair? I will take that discount, thank you very much!
I love these training pants! They are perfect for outings, long naps, and now over night. They catch any "oops" without requiring a change of clothes, which is just what I was looking for. Abbey has had one full accident in these. 4 hour naps will do that. These didn't keep her pants dry in that case, but they did keep her sheets dry, which in my book is a win!
I hope these help all those cloth diapering Mama's out there!

side note: I didn't plan on matching the PUL to the training pants, there just happens to be a pattern in the line that matched perfectly. It makes the OCD "things have to match!" side of my very happy!

**This tutorial is meant for personal use only. Thank you for your understanding!
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Be blessed!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Snow Dough

Need something fun to do inside on a snowy day? Or a too-stinkin'-cold-out-there day? Or a we had snow yesterday, but now it's 40 and thunderstorming day? This is good for all of those! Even when they all happen in one week. Welcome back to Chicago, Heather.

We're big fans of homemade play dough in this house. My mom has made it for as long as I can remember. You can make any color you want, and it's waaaaay cheaper than the store bought stuff. 
Here's my favorite recipe:
3 cups flour
1.5 cups salt
6 tsp cream of tarter
3 tbsp oil
3 cups water

Mix all of the ingredients together in a saucepan on Med/Low heat and stir until they form a ball and pull away from the sides. At this point you can add color if you want. We like to use the gel frosting coloring, you get stronger colors. However, for this batch we kept it white, and added in some glitter for that snowy sparkle! Some homemade play dough recipes can leave a film on your hands, but this one is pretty clean. This is a must for my no-messy-hands little girl!

We made snowflakes...

and snowmen.

{Mama's}                               {Abbey's}

The snowmen were great for working on things like small, medium, large and sequencing.

This recipe keeps well in a plastic zip top bag. We made this maybe 2 weeks ago, and it's still good!

Be Blessed!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1LW Wednesday #4

Hi Everyone! I am so excited that we have Andrea (aka retrohipmama) of she*sCRAFTY with us here today! She was our most viewed link up for the first 2 weeks of 1LW, so you guys must love what she has to say! I know I do! 
So, without further adieu....Andrea, and her 1LW: ENJOY!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Pinned Image
 honestly, no one's really looking at you or talking about you or thinking about you like you think they are. so you know what? do whatcha like! i wore pink sweater tights to work. i enjoyed myself and paid them no mind. (even though my office gals said i looked super cute.)
 i took gibson out for dinner to Buffalo Wild Wings. he sat on the same side as me in the booth. sometimes quietly watching the only tv with football on. sometimes joking around with his chicken strips. sometimes quiet. sometimes dancing a little crazy to that stupid milkshake song. we enjoyed ourselves and paid them no mind.
 gibson told me that he and matt were driving last week in the car and they were having a shouting contest. (this happens often in our house. matt will holler, then gibson will holler louder and they go back and forth getting louder and louder and more ridiculous, each of them trying not to break into laughter.) but matt topped the charts of hilarity when he rolled down the window and yelled out at the top of his lungs. i asked gibson if he enjoyed himself and he answered yes but it was a little embarrassing. then i reminded him to pay them no mind.   marshall wanted to sleep in his cowboy hat the other night. he says he's not a dirty rotten scoundrel so i let him enjoy himself and we paid no mind to conventional sleeping arrangements. howdy partner
It's what we enforce and re-enforce with gibson (and soon with marshall) so often is 'just do you'. don't be anyone else. don't let anyone else suck the joy out of you. if you like your purple skinny jeans, then wear them and tell those little a-hole kids to shut up if they diss you. enjoy your good friendships. allow other people to enjoy being around you. be the ice cream cone and not the gallon of ice cream. enjoy your life. enjoy being a kid or a parent or a friend. do what makes you happy. (except stealing cars and doing drugs.) make good decisions so you can enjoy your life the way God intended you to. making Him the center of your life and doing things He would be proud of you for. He is really all that matters. now go ENJOY something and pay them no mind.
hugs to you...drea
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Thanks so much Andrea!
Alright ladies (and gents?) what have you got for us this week? I want to hear how you're doing!
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1LW Week 3 Round Up

You guys were quiet this week! I hope you're just too busy living out your words to write about them!

Lucky us, we get to feature all 3 of our wonderful linkers this week. We got some fantastic link ups!

Heather's Pick
I actually found this post at another linky party, and fell in love with It's Overflowing by Aimee.
Lucky for us, she came over here to play too! Go take a look at her post about her word: SPARKS!

Chrissy's Pick
My favorite was from Lani over at It's My Life and I love it. I Love how she shared the struggles she encountered and how she overcame them by being positive. I find her open to share her struggles comforting and inspiring!

And now...our most viewed link up for this week....

Another blogger who is new to 1LW: Katie from Intentional Pursuit! (Intentional? I like her already!)
Katie wrote a beautiful post about an incredibly important word. Go over there and check her out!

Thank you ladies, for playing along this week! I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone this week! This week's linky party will be up this afternoon, along with a post from a special guest!
Be blessed!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Valentine's Day Treat Tray

In case you missed this over at Fancy Little Things...

I've got a super easy project to share with you all today. I love going to thrift stores and finding old things that can have new lives. So when I found some mini wine glasses (do they have an official name??) at the Salvation  Army, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. 

What we're making today:
Isn't it cute?? I've been seeing these all over Pinterest, and have been dying to make one. Most of the ones I've seen are made out of 3 plates, but I liked the idea of putting a bowl on top. Perfect for little chocolate goodies, or conversation hearts, or whatever you want!

What you need:

The 3 layers of your tray
Something to go in between the layers. I used the glasses, candlesticks would work too!
Heavy duty glue: I used E-6000

Note: When buying glass from the thrift store, check for stickers of an unknown age and origin. This little bit of stickum took me FOR.EV.ER to get off!

Anyway...moving on...

Now all you have to do is line up your layers and get to gluin'!
I have that heart shaped plate in the middle, so I knew that one was going to be a little off kilter. To keep everything lined up, I started out by gluing the glasses onto the bottom plate, and the bottom of the bowl first. Those had centers, so I knew things would line up. Then I sandwiched the heart plate in the middle, made sure everything was ready to go, and then glued! 
That's it...done! See? I told you it was easy!

Some notes about E-6000:
It STINKS! Definitely do this project in a well ventilated area...outside if you can.
It is not an immediate seal, so you can move things around until they're in the right spot...very nice!
It dries clear.
Once it's dry, you can either rub or scrape off any excess on your plates, so no worries about mess ups!

There you have it...your own little treat tray! 
Mine is already full of my favorites...

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

What Do You Get...

When you give a toddler a camera?

a little birdy told me you might be hearing about this stuff soon!

She was actually doing a really great job getting things lined up in the screen...then she would look down to push the button. Haha! Good stuff.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1LW Wednesday #3

Hi everyone!
I have been enjoying reading your link ups so much! I am thrilled to be on this journey with you, and I hope we can continue to keep each other accountable for the rest of the year.

In my first post there were a few things I mentioned wanting to be more INTENTIONAL about.
One of those things was my time with God, and another one of those things was myself. This week I want to tell you a little bit about how I'm working on both of those at the same time!

I've struggled with my weight, well....pretty much forever. The stay-at-home mom transition wasn't helpful with regards to that, and I'm still, 2 1/2 years later, trying to get back to my pre-baby weight (let's not even discuss my wedding weight.)

I had heard about the book Made To Crave by Lysa TerKeurst (of Proverbs 31 Ministries) on the radio, and it sounded intriguing. Cravings are something I deal with all. the. time. and I thought this might be a good read for me. 

As I started reading it, I knew that I needed to be going on this journey with someone. I asked my incredibly fantastic friend Karly to be my accountability partner. Karly and, I met each other in Phoenix, and were part of the same church community. Even thought she has since moved to Spokane, and I have moved back to Chicago, I consider her one of my best friends, and I knew she would benefit from this book as well. 

Each week we read a chapter and send each other our responses to the discussion questions at the end. This book is rocking my world! I've always asked God for help in my weight loss journey, but it's always felt like "my battle". This book is showing me that God should be part of the process every step of the way. By making good choices and taking care of the body I have been given, I am glorifying Him. He wants to walk through this with me, and He wants to set me free from this cycle. I have to do my part now. There are some  logistical ways that I am keeping on track with my weight loss, but I'll post about those another day. For right now, I am focusing on keeping God at the center of this experience, and allowing Him to grow me (and shrink me! *snort*) in the process!

How are you living out your 1LW this week? I want to hear about it! 

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1LW Week 2 Round Up

We had another week full of wonderful posts!

Here's a quick run down of my and Chrissy's favorites, and then we'll get to this week's most viewed post.

Heather's Pick
This week I loved Lani's post over at It's My Life. She has such a great support system in place, which is so important when you are trying to work on anything in your life. Great job, Lani!

Chrissy's Pick
I chose the post by Nay from Cover to CoverI feel it's such a hard action to live out it not only frees the one who wronged you it frees you!

Make sure you head over and read these inspiring posts if you haven't already. They're fantastic!

And now...here it is...this week's most view post!

We've got another post from retrohipmama at she*sCRAFTY!

You guys must really like her! Maybe we can talk her into guest posting...what do you think??

This week's linky party opens up this afternoon. I can't wait to hear about what you've been doing this week!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Getting Some Input

Have you ever wondered what people think when they first arrive at your blog? I know I have! I'm still just a baby blog, but I definitely want people to like what they see when they get here. This is why I was thrilled when I found out about the Rant & Rave About My Blog linky party over at Randee's Organized Chaos.
Here is what Randee has to say about her party:

"This linky party will give you a chance to link up your blog and then have a fellow blogger critique your blog ANONYLMOUSLY!!!!! Doesn't that sound GREAT!!! You can take their advice to heart or with a grain of salt!!! It is TOTALLY up to you!!! The comments will be between me and you!!!!! ;)"

Doesn't that sound like a great opportunity? 

I'm linking up, pop on over there and link up too!

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