Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My One Little Word

Here it is...our very first One Little Word Wednesday! I'm so excited for this new adventure. Chrissy and I are looking forward to hearing about all the ways people are living out their OLW's! You'll hear from Chrissy next week, but this week I wanted to share my word with you.

My One Little Word for the year is...


I want to live my life with more intention in several areas. It is so easy for me to just get lost on pinterest and facebook go with the flow, and let my days slip away from me. How many times have a made it to the end of the day feeling like I've accomplished nothing. Now, granted, some days are like that regardless of plans, but for me they happen too often. There are several specific areas of my life that I want to be more intentional about:

My time with my family: I want to be more intentional with both my daughter and my husband. Abbey is at the perfect age for all sorts of fun activities. With winter weather setting in, I want to make sure that I am providing her with fun, stimulating activities whenever I can. As for my husband, we need to spend more time together, just the two of us. We live in a large household, and "couple time" is hard to come by. I want to commit to (at least) a monthly date night!

My time with God: This is a discipline that I have not mastered. I go through bits and spurts of being good at spending time in the Word, but I have gotten out of the habit lately. I have a wonderful small group at my church, but time spent with just God and I needs to get back to a daily occurance. Whether it's a formal bible study, or 15 minutes of reading before bed, I need to make sure it happens. My life is always better when it does!

My Household: Even our little basement home needs some management! I can't spend quality time with my family, if laundry is piled up all over the place. My mom and I share cooking duties, and I know that I'm always in a better mood when I've done some meal planning. These are not things that come naturally to me (at all!), but they are things that make me feel better when they happen.

Our finances: We just recently finished Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University (more on that later!). We finally feel like we are in control of our finances, but we need to make sure we stay there.

My projects: Oh my goodness...if you could see my unfinished project stack, you would cringe and run away! Time to be a big girl and get some stuff done!

This blog! This little project is part of me becoming more intentional about this little ol' blog. I new I wanted to start a blog, but I never could have guessed how much I would love blogging! Hopefully my last goal will help out with this one as well...I can't do more blogging if I don't have anything to blog about!

and last but not least...

MYSELF: Right now I work 2 days a week, and one of those days involves jeans and a t-shirt. (Yes, I get to go to church every Sunday in jeans and a t-shirt. Not gonna's pretty awesome!) On all the other days, I spend way too much time in yoga pants and a tank top with my hair in a pony tail. Watch out...there may be some What I Wore posts coming your way!

Ok, this is a huge list. I know. However, that's what I love about One Little Word. It's not a resolution that is either kept or lost. This isn't Pass/Fail. My OLW is a mindset, a motivator, a way of keeping me on track. I may will not succeed at all of these things all the time, but I can be intentional about them, and try again another day. Over the next year, you will be hearing about the ways I am working on all of these things. You will also be hearing from Chrissy, and all sorts of fantastic ladies around blog land! We will also be featuring the most viewed OLW from our linky party each get to linking!
I can't wait to hear from you!!

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  1. i love how big and full your list is. to me, that's just more things to work on if you're not feeling what you're doing! glad to be part of the party!

  2. I'm in!
    I'm totally loving this idea and can't wait to start living my word!

  3. Not sure what it means to "grab a button" or how to link this the way you want and getting more tenchonologcailly savvy is not on my "to Do" list for 2012 (sorry Heather) but I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOOVE your post and my word is SIMPLIFYING and like you, I have many areas.
    1) we are just starting Dave Ramsey's FPU and are so excited but are definitely trimming and simplifying our spending
    2) my household - decreasing clutter and "stuff" that we don't need, use, etc
    3) my obligations and commitments - keeping to the minimums and really sticking with relationships that are fulfilling, mutual and open with lots of family and couple time planned to keep our focus on God in the center of our family
    4) simplifying my parenting - check out Love and Logic book (linked it on FB) with fewer words, NO anger or reactivity, and lots of joy!

  4. I was blog hopping just now and came upon your blog. Very cute and sounds like we have a lot in common. I just posted my word for the year on my blog and I thought it would be fun to link up with your party.

  5. Thanks for the sweet comment earlier today and for the invite!

  6. Looks like I missed a great chance to link up. Your word of the year is wonderful. We are doing the Dave Ramsey thing this year. Looking forward to it. Have a wonderful day.

  7. Thank you for this post. I have been letting my Word sit in my heart...Letting the Lord speak to me over the past few weeks before posting.

    I have added your Link Button to my post, in hopes that it will encourage others in their New Year.

    Happy New Year...and enjoy being Intentional about every aspect of Life...It's what makes life GREAT!


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