Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1LW Week 2 Round Up

We had another week full of wonderful posts!

Here's a quick run down of my and Chrissy's favorites, and then we'll get to this week's most viewed post.

Heather's Pick
This week I loved Lani's post over at It's My Life. She has such a great support system in place, which is so important when you are trying to work on anything in your life. Great job, Lani!

Chrissy's Pick
I chose the post by Nay from Cover to CoverI feel it's such a hard action to live out it not only frees the one who wronged you it frees you!

Make sure you head over and read these inspiring posts if you haven't already. They're fantastic!

And it is...this week's most view post!

We've got another post from retrohipmama at she*sCRAFTY!

You guys must really like her! Maybe we can talk her into guest posting...what do you think??

This week's linky party opens up this afternoon. I can't wait to hear about what you've been doing this week!


  1. Thanks so much for the feature! I can't tell you how much accountability comes with writing these thoughts down and knowing that someone is reading them. Great challenge ladies!

  2. Lani is right...i have officially stuck with my 1LW longer than i did in 2011. Having the party makes me thing about what i've ENJOYED. thanks again to everyone who read my post...sometime i feel like i;m just talking to myself, but knowing someone else is reading them motivates me so much!
    much love to every entry!
    psstt...i'd love to guest post! ;)


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