Friday, November 11, 2011

The To-Do List

Ahh...Pinterest. How I love you. I am proud to say that Pinterest is not just a time waster for me. I've completed several of the things I've pinned. I never could have finished Abbey's quiet book without it. However, Pinterest does seem to become my never-ending to-do list. I'm going to put some of my top projects  up here, and hopefully that accountability will keep me on my game!

Here it is...the current To-Do list:

These are for  my sweet newphew Hayden, who turns 4 next week! I need to go pick up the stuff for this this weekend! 

I'm in LOVE with this banner kit from Craftaholics Anonymous! I think it would look great on our entertainment center. Plus it comes all cut out and ready to sew (or glue!). Sounds good to me! Have you seen the new Monthly Craft Kits over at CA? They're fantastic, and they fit my budget! Woot!

I think Abbey would love this Christmas Tree. Maybe as an Advent Calendar? One new ornament every day? It totally feeds my felt addiction, too. Now...where to put it....

I WILL finally sit down and use this tutorial to make Abbey some pants. I have 2 different colors of corduroy just waiting for me. It's time to do the thing!

Finally, a little something for me. I'm loving this headband! Now if only I could get my hair to do that...

Alright...the list is out there now! Keep me going! I'll be sharing these projects as I finish them up!

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  1. amazing craft ideas! i made a few headbands like that but i cant get them to look that good in my hair! boo!
    i love the pants, perhaps ill get some down time to make a few for my niece.
    thanks for sharing!
    oh and thanks for the nice comment on my blog, the dolly hooded towel is going to be great with your daughters bath doll. and you can just throw it in the wash! woo!


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