Monday, November 21, 2011

This is my world...

Can you guess what we're doing in our household??

How about another clue...

That's right...we're potty training! Ahh...what an adventure. We've started the process about a month ago, without much luck. Abbey would sit, and then go to the bathroom as soon as we had her back in either a diaper or training pants. Just the other week we decided to give it another go. I brought the potty chair into the family room, and just let her have access to it all day long. She spent a good 4 days without any pants on! This time it's working! She has figured out how to hold it (most of the time), and makes it to the potty 
(most of the time.) 
God bless iPads...she's going to kill me some day!

Now we're at that super awesome phase where she's not quite good enough to leave the house in underwear, but she knows she's not supposed to go in her pants. It makes for a lot of whining and some serious cases of Wiggle Butt. She's terrified of big potties, so that doesn't help. That's the next step I guess...
I'm hoping that by Christmas she'll have it down pat! How did potty training go in your house? Any tricks?

Oh! I should hopefully have a tutorial for you on making your own waterproof cloth training pants soon! I will get my act together...I will get my act together...


  1. we are in the same boat over here.. how is it going for you.. we are having super good days and some not so good days.. but still moving forward.. we are not doing good in the number 2 department!

  2. @Chrissy @ Boerman Ramblings
    We're doing alright. She's pretty good at home, but still in diapers when we're out and about. We've been having trouble with #2 too. She just won't go, which makes it that much harder. We'll get there!

  3. Thank you for posting. How old was Abbey when you started? I'm in the process of potty training 27-month old twins and we are at the end of our third week.

    1. Abbey was closer to 30 months when we really started "training" but we had been introducing the potty for a while before that. Good luck!


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