Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Playing with My Camera

Hello friends

I don't even pretend to be a great photographer. I try to get the best pictures I can for the blog, but I don't always succeed. I have a camera that I consider to be somewhere in between a basic point-and-shoot and a dSLR. It has a pretty good manual mode, and I'm trying to master it. Someday I'll have a fancy camera, and when I get it I want to know how to use it!

While we were on vacation we had dinner at a gorgeous vineyard. I looked outside and could just tell that the light was about to be perfect. You know that gorgeous evening light? I HAD to get outside and play with my camera. I'm still learning, but I'm pretty happy with some of the shots I got.

I took some time to practice shooting into the sun, too. I'm pretty proud of those sun flares, not gonna lie!

Having pretty models is helpful too. Abbey and her Auntie Becca:

Silly time!

Not too shabby for a little ol' camera.

Be blessed!



  1. Beautiful photos! And I LOVE that house! Found you thru the once a month blog hop! New follower...yay!

    Ramblings of a Southern Belle

  2. Adorable pics! Beautiful lighting, I love that time of the day for picture taking. :)


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