Monday, August 20, 2012

Mommy Mondays- Dream House:Bedrooms

Hi friends!

I just noticed that there are a few new kids around here. Welcome, I'm glad to have you!

It's time for my next Dream House installment.

As much as I know what I want in a kitchen, is as much as I DON'T know what I want in a bedroom. The things I have pinned totally run the gamut. No common threads here, my friends!

Let's get to it!

I love this one from Chipping with Charm. I'm not usually a huge fan of Shabby Chic, but it's growing on me a bit. I love the simple take on a canopy bed without having to actually have a canopy. Note to self, add "old ladder" to the thrifting/garage sale list.

Mmmm...look at the colors in this room from House Beautiful! I'm definitely more of a cool color gal, so this room makes me happy!

Are we still doing grey and yellow? Is that still a thing? Well, I hope so, because I love this room from Dwellings by DeVore. Oh and look, another faux canopy! Maybe there are some common threads in here...

I'm also loving the grey/yellow combination with a splash of blue, like this one from 7th House on the Left.

Hey, now that I look at these, blue is a pretty common thread as well! Sweet! Maybe I'm not as scatter brained about bedrooms as I thought I was. I love when that happens!

Happy dreaming!

Be blessed!



  1. Love the simplicity and cheerfully subdued colors of the photo from 7th House on the Left. I'd love to have that bedroom! Just need to buy a bed...but that's a long story. Thanks for sharing, Laura.

  2. I like your style! I adore the bottom one for a bedroom, although it's not really fair that my bedroom is a similar color ;)

  3. Love these all! They are gorgeous! We can dream, can't we sista!


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