Monday, August 13, 2012

Mommy Mondays-The Dream House: Kitchens

Hello friends.

I've got some more dreaming for you today! Not gonna lie, I'm in the last week of my Master's degree program right now, and taking a little dream break has been great for my mental health!

2 more days...I can do this. I can do this!

What is it about a kitchen? A bad one can completely ruin an entire house, but a good one can make up for a disaster house. They become the social center of the home, and double as learning space, play space, and impromptu dance party space. They really are the heart of the home.

So, on to the dream kitchens.

Really, I could just show you this picture from Homedit and call it a day. I adore green kitchens with white cabinets! We were close in our AZ house. We had painted the walls green, but hadn't gotten around to painting the cabinets. It's probably better that way, I would have been sad to leave it.

This one from It's Overflowing is pretty great, too!

For the sake of dreaming though, let's look at some more gorgeous kitchens.

Ummm....hello, gorgeous!!
This family took a standard tract home kitchen and turned into something amazing! You have to go over to Jilly & Mia and see the before and after pics. I love that the cabinets are different colors!

How great is this built-in breakfast nook from Elle Decor?? Can't you just imagine Saturday morning pancakes?

Ok, if you want to get seriously lost in some kitchen dreaming, check out Kitchen Design Ideas. This one was my favorite, but I could spend hours on that site! Look at those beams on the ceiling! Be still my heart.

See...I told you I have a thing for white cabinets! Ha!

Be blessed!


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  1. What beautiful kitchens! It's always fun to daydream. Sometimes I think I do it too much. :) The last kitchen is my favorite! We are having a Countdown to Fall link party and would love if you'd link up a post about fall! Hope to see you there!
    (new followers)


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