Friday, August 24, 2012

Have fun with LeapFrog GIVEAWAY!

Hi friends!

Who here loves LeapFrog? We're big fans around here. Abbey has had LeapFrog products ranging from toys to movies, and has loved every one of them. She loves that she's having fun, and I love that she's learning.

We recently got the chance to play with and review the new LeapsterGS.

Man, oh man do we love this thing! At first I was a little worried because the LeapsterGS is listed as being for kids ages 4-9, and with Abbey just turning 3 I wasn't sure if there was going to be anything at her level. Don't get me wrong, I want her to be challenged, but I want her to enjoy playing with this thing as well. My worries were completely unfounded! Are there a few games that are over her head? Yes. We play them together, and she is already picking up on new skills and becoming more independent (yay!). However, there are plenty of apps that are completely her speed.

There is a great coloring app, which is usually Abbey's go-to. She also loves the games that involve the camera. Oh yeah, did I mention that? This baby has a camera, and can take pictures and video! It's not just extra add-on either. There are apps that use the camera as part of the game play. It also has motion-based play capabilities (think smart phones and tablets) that involve actions like tilting and shaking as part of the games.

The LeapsterGS has a touch screen and can be used with just your fingers, but it also comes with an (attached!) stylus. Abbey prefers the stylus...not sure why. I am so impressed by the range of games and apps there are for the LeapsterGS. There are reading games, math and science games, everything! And the best part? Kids don't realize they're learning.

The one downfall I can see with the LeapsterGS is the price of the cartridge games. $24.99 for a game is a bit rich for my blood, BUT there is an online app store full of games, videos and e-books starting at $5. Total redemption.

I can see Abbey playing with this toy for years to come. Things like that don't come across all that often, so I get excited when they do.

Want to hear the best part??

I get to give one away!! WOOHOO!! The fabulous people at LeapFrog are giving me the opportunity to give you a super fun device.

That's right, enter below to win your very own LeapsterGS and game cartridge.
The giveaway runs through Sunday, and I will pick a winner on Monday. It's only open to residents of the U.S. Sorry international friends!

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Be blessed!



  1. Leapfrog products are THE BEST. Hands down. My little one learned so much. And this way, my toddler will maybe leave my iPhone alone, so I can make a call without prying it from his hands! HA!!

  2. They don't currently have any LeapFrog products. We've been wanting to get them something but haven't been able to yet. This would be SO great!

  3. My kids love every Leapfrog product we get. Currently my son loves his Leapster & my younger son loves his MyPal Scout.

  4. Looks like a great product.

  5. They loved the leapster the best...well until it broke :(

  6. We've been wanting to get one for Cole and Paige to share!!

  7. My daughter has been begging for one of these

  8. My son loves the Tag reader!

  9. we too love leapfrog!

  10. Love leap frog and you too Heather :)

  11. Currently there are no leap frog products in our family!

  12. We have the leapfrog touch book (I don't remember the real name of it). My daughter loves to play with that.

  13. We have a "My Own Learning Leap", a tad counting toy as well as a little Leap who sings the ABC's. All are much loved. I'd love to get my girls a game like this that they can play while we are in the waiting room at the doctors office, at the airport, etc. Great post, Heather!


  14. My kids love the Tag system

    Jennifer Marie

    lilnursejen at yahoo dot com

  15. We are HUGE leapfrog fans here. :-)

  16. we love our my pal violet in our house!

    ykatrina at hotmail dot com


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