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1LW Wednesday #8: Ash Wednesday edition

Hello friends!

Before we get to 1LW Wednesday, I want to share our most viewed post from last week!

Katie from Intentional Pursuit wrote a beautiful post about her 1LW, Wait.
If you haven't read it should!

I don't know if all you celebrate Ash Wednesday, but I do. For any one who may not know, Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent in the Christian calendar, which is the 8 weeks leading up to Easter. Some denominations practice the act of either giving something up, or adding a new commitment to their daily lives during these 40 days. It is meant to be a season of sacrifice, with the intention of growing closer to God. 
                                                                          Source: Uploaded by user via Heather on Pinterest

In all honesty....I've had a hard time being as intentional as I would like these past few weeks. I'm not sure why it's been a struggle, but it has. I am hoping that I will be able to take this Lenten season to really improve that discipline. I need God's help, I know that for sure! Obviously I don't need a calendar to tell me when to cry out to God for help, but I'll take the reminder while it's here!

This year, I will be giving something up, as well as adding in a discipline. It may be a bit ambitious, but I need it!
This year, I will be giving up fast food for Lent. It will help me to be more intentional in a few areas that I have been losing focus in:
1. What I put in my body: I am trying to treat my body better, and filling it with junk is not helping with that. My body is a gift, and I need to get better at treating it as such.
2. What I spend my money on: We are working very hard towards getting out of debt (more on that another week). Blowing money on food that isn't good for us is not going to get us closer to that goal! With what we spend on fast food, Matt and I could be going on a nice date each month! I would certainly rather spend that money toward meeting our goals and feeding my marriage...not my cravings!

As for what I'm adding in...some friends from church and I are all going to be doing the 40 bags in 40 days Challenge!

I won't be doing quite this list, since I have different locations in my home, but the point is the same! I think it is so easy to get lost in our stuff, and this season is perfect for clearing out the clutter!
I am truly looking forward to Lent this year. I know that God is doing work in me, and I can't wait!

Alright, I want to hear from you!

Remember,this linky party is meant for posts about how you are living out your One Little Word. I love all of your crafts and projects, and I'm sure you are super proud of them, but this isn't the party for those! If you're looking for somewhere to link those up, my parter-in-crime, Chrissy, has a great one on Tuesdays!
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  1. I just started my own little organizational thing! Love your buttons toddler box. I'm definitely going to start doing that. I just started following you...can't wait for more toddler box ideas!~


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