Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Simple Stamps

Who needs fancy stamps? Not us! Not when we've got toilet paper tubes and potatoes!

A little finger paint...

Some "sprinkles"...
(We've been making cookies a lot lately, can you tell?)

Seriously, this couldn't be any easier. I'm SURE you have some toilet paper tubes lying around, and I'm no artist, but I managed to make some pretty decent potato stamps. Don't lie, you're totally impressed by that heart one. I was too.

I present to you...a masterpiece:

At some point Abbey realized that this project meant potentially mess hands, so she switched to a paint brush just to be safe.

Whew! Dodged a bullet there!

Be Blessed!


  1. oh what fun!!! I want to play too!!!

  2. Veggie stamps are awesome! We love to paint with our veggies too!


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