Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How To Throw A Simple Frozen Party Without Losing Your Mind (or blowing your budget!)

 Hey there friends!

Abbey turned 5 last month. FIVE!

And, like every other 5 year old girl on the planet, she wanted a Frozen party.
I love throwing themed parties. I really do! They give me a direction for planning, and get my creative juices flowing. Her rainbow party was so much fun to do! However, it can be so easy to see all of those beautiful parties on Pinterest and get a little jealous. I can't ice custom cookies, I don't have 15 cake stands, and let's be honest...those parties take a budget much larger than mine! They are beautiful, and lots of fun, but you can absolutely throw a great themed party with an every day skill set, and a small budget.
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Here are my favorite ways to keep it simple:

Simple Decorations
Even with a theme, I try to stay away from the super theme specific stuff. Rather than decorating with pictures of Anna and Elsa, I created a mini winter wonderland. Some easy-peasy tulle pom poms and some snowflakes easily transformed our deck. Think outside the box for your decorations. Ignore the big party stores and hit up your local craft stores. The snowflakes came in a pack of 24 in the wedding section of all places! (These are similar!) Thinking in terms of "white and sparkly" instead of "Frozen" really helped me find things in my budget.

Simple Treats
I keep food simple at parties. Our local grocery store makes amazing fried chicken, so we usually do that and simple sandwich fixings. Add in some picnic sides (fruit, veggies, chips...) and some lemonade and you are all set! However, I do like to let the sweet treats help with the theme. This time it was cupcakes. I love cupcakes for birthday parties. Everyone get some without the hassle of cutting and passing! Again, I went with white and sparkly. White cake, white frosting, edible glitter and white candy balls

Due to my previously mentioned lack of cake stands, I picked up a plain cardboard cupcake stand. Easy on the budget, but not all that pretty. A quick addition of one of the snowflakes from the deck adding a nice little flair. This looked beautiful on the gift table!

Another thing that I like to keep simple is goodie bags. How many times have you come home from a kids party with a bag full of candy and toys that just get tossed in the trash? Why waste the money? I made some of this Frozen slime from Growing a Jeweled Rose. I put it in some gift tins from Hobby Lobby and wrapped those in glitter tape . Done! Everyone gets a fun treat to take home for less than $10!

Simple Fun
I am a firm believer in the idea that kids are perfectly capable of having fun on their own. For that reason, I like to make sure that birthday parties have a good combination of free play time and fun activities. For this party we had two crafts.

1. Snow painting
This one was easy. Blue construction paper, some rhinestone stickers and some cloud paint. Ready, set, paint! All the kids had a great time creating just like Elsa!

2. Do You Want To Build A Snowman pops
The kids had a lot of fun with this one. Here is what you need:
  • craft sticks
  • marshmallows
  • chocolate chips
  • carrot noses (starburst, shaped into carrots)
  • pretzels
  • frosting
  • toothpicks

Each child got to build their own snowman. Use the toothpicks to stick pieces on with frosting. 


Want some other craft and game options? I've put together some of the best stuff out there in this Pinterest board!
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And there you go! A Frozen birthday party that is full of frosty fun without draining your budget. It may not make any of the big party planning websites, but it sure was fun!
Do you like throwing parties?
What is your favorite tip for entertaining on a budget?

Be blessed!


  1. Oh what a creative party!! You have the best ideas! I love the the cupcakes, the decorations and the games! I could learn alot from you, Heather! Thanks for sharing all of this amazing stuff. I bet your princess LOVED it all. :)

  2. What a cute party! I love the idea of using the overall theme to decorate and not the characters. I'm sure miss Abby loved the party!

  3. LOVE this! So cute! Tweeted and shared.


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