Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Get Ready for Kindergarten with LeapFrog!

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Hi friends!

At this point it's pretty much common knowledge that we're big LeapFrog fans around here. When I learned about the new Get Ready For Kindergarten series I knew it was going to be fantastic! The new series includes a game cartridge for the Leap Pad, as well as books and activities for the Leap Reader pen. Both series center around four students, Chris, Pilar, Daniel and Grace, who are starting Kindergarten. Throughout the games the learn new skills, explore their new classroom and have lots of fun!

Take a look at the Leap Pad game:

Abbey loves this game!
 Math is her favorite subject, so she spends lots of time playing Counting in the Dragon Cafe. She loves the dragons. I love that it keeps her challenged. Leap Frog is so good at making games that really stay just a step ahead of kids, while not letting them feel overwhelmed. It is the perfect combination of confidence and challenge.
Another thing I love about these games is that it gives Abbey the chance to practice skills that we aren't actively working on anymore. Just because she knows how to write her letters doesn't mean she shouldn't still practice. Just because she knows her letter sounds doesn't mean a little review is a bad thing. Kids naturally stop doing things when they are ready to move on. If she wants to keep practicing letter, I say go for it!
Next up is the Leap Reader collection:
This is a great set! 3 books, 45 skill building activities, and over 30 sheets of mess-free practice pages! 
This set focuses on Math, Reading and Science, with one book for each subject.

Each book can be read aloud, either independently or with the help of the Reader pen. And, like other Reader books, there are built in activities. On top of all the fun in the books, there are all of these great puzzle pages! They all work with the Reader pen for mess-free play.

One cute addition to this set is the daily calendar. Circle time is a huge part of the Kindergarten experience, and this poster is a great way to get kids used to that piece of the day. We'll be adding it to our routine!
I cannot say enough good things about these two new Leap Frog products. They are already well loved here in our house. I love that I can count on the fact that they are developed by educators, specifically focused on quality and appropriate developmental skills. I love that Abbey sees these games as a treat, not work. I love that they keep her challenged and motivated.

Don't have a Kindergartener? Want to see what else Leap Frog has to offer to get your child ready for their next grade? Check out the Summer Success Resource Center!

What do you do to get ready for a new school year?
Do your kids struggle with "summer slide"?

Be blessed!

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