Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our Week in Pictures

Hi friends.

My heart is so heavy today, following yesterday's tragedy in Newtown, CT. It almost feels silly to share the normal parts of our week knowing that 26 families have lost normal forever. My heart aches for them.
However, I believe that the best thing we can do in the face of tragedy is remind the enemy that we know exactly how blessed we are, and that he has not shaken that. Yes, the world seems scarier and even more broken, but my God is bigger than all of that, and that is what I will cling to.

So here they are, our blessings for the week.

Abbey had her Periorbital Dermoid Cyst removed this week. She was amazing, and told everyone she saw that she was "getting her bump off!"

It required general anesthesia, which is always a little nerve wracking, but she came out of it beautifully, and was enjoying a purple popsicle before we knew it!

Like everyone else on the interwebs, I documented 12/12/12. If you know anything about me and finishing photo projects like this (photo a day? don't make me laugh!) you know that the fact that there is actually a picture for every hour is a pretty big deal.
Christmas is coming faster than I can deal with. So much wrapping to do. Yet another reminder of our blessings.

life rearranged
Be blessed!


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  1. So glad the cyst came off without a hitch. Popsicles are the best in those situations, aren't they? I mean, I'm nearing 30 and my husband still drives me to get ice cream after every single eye Dr. appointment. Go, Abbey, for being brave!


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