Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our Week in Pictures: Christmas Edition

Hi friends.

Did you all have a wonderful Christmas? I hope so. Ours was fantastic! We made it to all three families with minimal chaos. Hooray!

We made cookies.

We went up to Michigan the weekend before Christmas to see Matt's mom, step-dad and half-sisters.

There were dancing lights.

And lots of new toys!

And even more One Direction.
( be a tween again!)

There was a hilarious grocery store combination.

And bowling (who doesn't love bowling? Especially when you get to use bumpers because your 3 year-old needs them!)

(now how is that for some joy?)

We headed back home on Christmas Eve, and guess what was waiting for me in the mail?

MY DIPLOMA CAME!!! (cue wild running, and arms waving, and happy dancing). I am done. Done, done, DONE!

I got the privelege of hanging out with some pretty cool kids in our Special Needs activity room for one of our Christmas Eve services. Love them.

We've decided on having the "open your Christmas jammers on Christmas Eve" tradition. I like it.

Matt and I went to 11:00 service on Christmas Eve. 11:00 is my favorite service because you leave and it's CHRISTMAS! It's even better when you leave and it's snowing, but that wasn't the case this year. (p.s. isn't the Sanctuary at my church pretty? We got married right up there!)

Is there anything better than setting up your child's first bike on Christmas Eve? Especially when you didn't have to build it! (Thank you, Walmart, for pre-assembled bikes. I don't usually like you very much, but in this case I am willing to make an exception!)

I don't typically play the "Look what I got!!" game, but...I got a Better Life Bag for Christmas!! (again with the arm waving and the happy dancing)!!!! If you don't know about Rebecca and her amazing company, go spend some time on her blog. She's got some cute kids, too! They're worth the trip by themselves!
(She's so pretty. Her name is Molly!)

And then...the best gift of all...a massive head cold! Boooo!

So, there was lots of this

And even more of this

All is well now, though. And I appear to be the only one who had to deal with the yuck, so for that I am grateful. We got the chance to spend the day with Matt's other side of the family yesterday, but Instas. Bad blogger.

I hope you feel as blessed as I do this year!


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  1. Looks like y'all had a great Christmas! Your cookies look amazing! Hope you have a wonderful New Year filled with God's blessings, joy and happiness! :)


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