Friday, December 21, 2012

DIY gifts for Little Ones {that you still have time to finish!!}

Hi friends!

So...who isn't done with their Christmas shopping yet??

I know it's hard to believe, but I actually am! It's pretty much a miracle.

But, considering the fact that I have spent many a Christmas Eve finishing gifts, I wanted to give you all a list of things that you still have time to get finished. All of these can be put together after the kids go to bed, and still let you get to bed at a decent hour!

Toddler Boxes
What little one wouldn't love a whole new set of fun things to play with? Put together a bunch of Toddler Boxes and let them go to town!

Magnetic Play Sets
Dress Up Doll

I made Abbey a magnetic Dress Up doll for our road trip over the summer, and she loves it! This one is completely backed with magnetic sheets.

Fill-A-Dot Games
So, it turns out that large, flat sequins are the perfect size for Bingo Dauber sheets! Who knew!? A piece of magnet on the back and you have dots that can be used over and over again. Print off your favorite Bingo Dauber sheets (my favorites are from DLTK), laminate them if you like, and play away!

Play Scenes
I found this adorable nativity scene at Babalisme. This girl has some ca-uuuute printables, so go check it out!

Light Table
A light table is such a fun play toy, and can be used for so many activities! This one is so simple to make, and fits into anyone's budget. Don't forget to throw in some DIY Color Discs!


You guys. I am in LOVE with Olliblocks from Caravan Shoppe! These simple play sets are easy to make, and offer endless combinations of fun! I made Abbey the Christmas set last night. It took about 2 hours, including waiting for the ModPodge to dry, and doing 2 coats. She loves them! Bonus: They fit in the boxes I use for Toddler Boxes! Win!

The fantastic people at Caravan Shoppe have given me a 20% off coupon to share with you!
Use the code longstory20 (all lowercase!) for the next week! Yay! get those gifts done!

Be blessed!



  1. girl, i am SO buying these -- a few sets!! where did you get your blocks? i might need to have craig make me some tonight!! or next week sometime! :)

  2. I laminated this nativity set for my little girl, and she loves it! Great finds, Heather. I'll definitely be checking them out. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh my, those Olliblocks are SO darn cute! My sons nickname is Ollie so that also kinda gets me in - but still, great idea! Found your blog from the fancy little things directory - happy to be following along now :)

  4. Just wondering if you would mind sharing the names of the fonts that you used for the DIY Gifts title box on the top of this post? I love them!



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