Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY Color Discs

Hi friends!!

If you were paying attention to the DIY Light Table post, you may have noticed a little sneak peek of today's post.

Light Tables are such great learning tools, but the toys made specifically for them can get pricey. Today I have for you...

Have you ever been walking around your favorite craft store just waiting for inspiration to strike? It's dangerous, I know.
I was doing just that when I spotted these...

They're simple keychains. Probably meant to hold a picture or something, but I saw their hidden potential. At the time Abbey had a set of color discs that came with a play set she had brought home from school. She loved using them on her new light table, but we were going to have to give them back. I knew that these keychains were the answer to my problem! All I needed was a way to color them...

Cue inspiration number 2! Abbey loves those paint-your-own "stained glass" kits, and that glaze was exactly what I needed.

I used the glaze to fill up a keychain in each color.

and set them out to dry. Aren't they pretty?

They're PERFECT on Abbey's light table!

They live on a binder ring, and just get tossed into the bin when we're not playing with the light box. Easy peasy!

These would make great stocking stuffers for a little one who already has a light table.

Don't have a light table? You could make your own, and one of these color disc sets for less than $40! Sounds pretty budget friendly to me!

Be blessed!


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