Wednesday, March 14, 2012

1LW Wednesday #11

Hi friends!

No big post for you today for 1LW Wednesday. We are experiencing some fantastic weather here in Chicagoland, and I'm being intentional and taking full advantage of it! Abbey and I have been doing all sorts of fun stuff outside! She's taking a nap now, so I'm hoping on here super quick.

I still want to hear what you all have been up to this week, so link up!

Remember, this is a linky party for 1LW posts only. I love all of your arts and crafts, but this isn't the place to share them. Don't know what a 1LW is? Check out this post.
Looking for a great place to share your other fun stuff? Check out my 1LW blogging partner Chrissy over at Boerman Ramblings!
Haven't picked a word yet? Go ahead! This is not a time sensitive challenge! Pick a word, write about it, and then come tell us!

Please link back to this post if you're playing along!
Grab a button:

A text link is fine too, if you prefer that!
Be blessed!

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