Saturday, March 28, 2015

Tools for Stopping the Tattling

Hi friends!

What is it about Kindergarten? Abbey has hit full-blown tattle tale status, and it is making me absolutely CRAZY!

I am a firm believer in the use of all sorts of tools when addressing a behavior concern. I can explain why it is a bad thing until my face turns blue, or I can read a few stories and show her a video. If that's what works, I say go for it!

So, without further favorite tools to stop the tattling!

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There are so many great story books about tattling! I love using books because they give me something to refer back to when I need to. "Remember what happened to so and so? What did they do?" Hooray for reading comprehension! Hahaha!We have story time every day, so it is easy to slip in the books I need! {view on computer to see book recommendations}

These are great for visual learners. I swear, one of the first things I do when we are learning something new is check to see if there are any videos. They work so well for Abbey.

I like this one a lot. It is mostly about bullying, but covers the difference between telling and tattling.
I love the idea of giving kids someone else to tattle to! As a homeschooler, I also love the idea that most of these involve writing things down. This will either A) help my reluctant writer get more practice in or B) drastically reduce the tattling because she doesn't want to write it down. Either way, I call it a win!
Tattle Monsters from Giggles Galore
A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue Activity Book 
 This book goes along with A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue , and is full of fantastic ideas to practice!


Tattling vs Telling from Teachers Notebook. This is simple, and would look great in any classroom space. It is a great thing to refer kids to when they are about to start tattling. 

T.H.I.N.K from Technology Rocks. Seriously.
I have seen different version of this printable all over the place. This one just happens to be my favorite! I'm printing it out tonight and putting it on our bulletin board!

Other Tips

This post from Fun-A-Day has some wonderful tips and tricks about dealing with tattling as it is happening, and ways to prevent it in the first place. Obviously it is a habit that won't go away overnight, so these are great resources to have!

How about you?
How do you handle tattling?
Is it a problem in your home?

Love your story today!

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