Thursday, March 12, 2015

Constellation Dough

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One of my favorite things about homeschooling is the fact that we can follow Abbey's interests. Learning is so much easier when you are truly interested in what you are learning! Sure, we have our regular curriculum, but I love plugging in little unit studies as Abbey's interests lead.

This week it was stars. She has been asking about space, and stars, and the sun. She was especially interested in constellations. She is such a little artist, so the idea that there were pictures in the sky was fascinating for her!

I thought she needed a way to really explore constellations, and this is what we came up with!

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We started out with my favorite play dough recipe. It is super simple and lasts for a really long time. Dying it black took a lot of dye. I ended up using black and a little bit of navy blue. They're gel colors, so they don't add a ton of moisture to the dough, which is nice, especially when you need to use as much as I did!

I found this great glitter set at my local grocery store. I love that it had small and large gold glitter (similar). It made for some fun texture! 

We paired our new sparkly dough with some bright star beads and some glitter pipe cleaners. This way Abbey could make her constellations and give them their outlines!

Lie Back, Look Up has these fantastic constellation cards on her site. They have the constellation on the front, and information on the back. I laminated ours so that they could get dough all over them and still be wiped off. 

Abbey had SO much fun with this dough! She spent over an hour making constellations, which turned into making her own, which turned into making space know how play dough is! 

This dough is a great addition to any space unit, but it's also a lot of fun on its own!

This has been part of the 2015 Best Sensory Dough series hosted by my friend Dayna at Lemon Lime Adventures!

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