Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Simple Steps to a Cleaner Kitchen

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Hi friends!

Anyone who knows me knows that the words "neat" and "tidy" do not apply to me in any way, shape, or form. I would love to be that person that has everything neatly in it's place before they head off to bed, but it's just not my skill set.

However, I am trying to work on those little "hot spots". You know, the areas in your home that turn into catch-alls? Today I am tackling one of those spots in my kitchen (yes, I said one's a work in progress!). It's time to dress up the sink!

Now, notice that I didn't say Simple Steps to a CLEAN Kitchen. I haven't figured that out yet, so I certainly can't tell you how to do it. I am learning how to keep little areas clean though. Baby steps.

My kitchen has this great little pass through to our dining area. I love it, and it lets in some great natural light, but it ends up looking like this most days.

Hmmm,..not cute. Things that need to be put away. Things that need to be thrown away! Just a general mess. I wish I could tell you that this is a rare occurance, and that it doesn't look like this every day, but it pretty much does. So what is a girl to do?

1. Clear it off! 
Get everything out of your hot spot. Start fresh. I knew that the only things staying on the pass through would be soaps and bananas. Everything else had to go!

2. Give things a home
This is key for me. If things don't have a home, they don't get put away. Get creative about it, too. I have this cake plate. Isn't she pretty? Who doesn't love a good cake plate? But I only make cake a few times a year, so she sits in the box most of the time. She's too pretty for that. She is now the home for my soaps!

3. Make it pretty
This might sound strange, but for me pretty spaces stay cleaner longer. If I am especially happy with the way an area looks, I work harder to keep it that way! Dish soap looks better in an oil dispenser, and a mason jar full of flowers is always a winner in my book!

Do you like my little mousie friend? My husbands grandfather made him years ago, and I have always been terrified of losing him! Now he has a home, too!

You know what else is right up there with keeping things pretty? Making them smell good. There is just something about having citrus scented something in the kitchen. I am in love with the new liquid foaming hand wash by Softsoap! Kitchen Citrus Bliss is the perfect kitchen scent. Jasmine and White Cotton is light and floral and went right into my bathroom. Abbey thinks the whipped cocoa butter smells like chocolate milk, so that one went into the kids bathroom. Anything that will get them to wash their hands more, am I right?

I grabbed all three on my last trip to Walmart. The soaps are fantastic, and a great price, too! Win! Keep an eye out for this little display. I missed it the first time!

I hope this helps you conquer some of your hot spots! A clean house doesn't happen over night (wouldnt' that be amazing! House cleaning elves!), but focusing on little spots one at a time is making a big difference over here!

What are your hot spots?
Any tips for keeping them clean?

Love your story today!


  1. I love open the kitchen is over the sink! I have found that keeping fresh flowers in the kitchen and my office really helps me keep it cleaner for some reason! #client

  2. Love this! I would LOVE to find a great cake plate for just this reason!


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