Wednesday, March 12, 2014

#onelittleword 2014: March Goals

Hi friends

It's goal time! I wish I could say that I tackled everything on my list this month, but that's just not the case. Being back to work, even part time, is really messing with my ability to balance everything and get things done. Hopefully I can figure out some tricks this month!

Here are last month's goals, and my progress:

- Eat at the dining room table. This one we did! I think there was only one day in the past month when we had to eat at the living room table. SO nice!
- 2 loads of laundry washed, dried and folded 5 days a week. Still working on this one. Most days I can get a load or 2 washed or dried. Folded? Not so much. Put away? That's a funny joke!

- In the Word every day. Oh, am I still working on this one. Why are the things you know are good for you so hard to do? Thank God I have some good apps on my phone. Even if I can't study, I can at least get a little something.
- 8 cups of water daily. Nope. Not even a little bit.
- 2 workouts per week. Hahahahahaha!!

Keep reading How To Blog... Still chipping away at this one. It is so nice reading this book as part of a group!
- Finish new design! :) It's so close, you guys! Like, SO close!

- Write a snowball plan for remaining consumer debt Nope. Honestly, I've been putting this one off because I just don't want to see the numbers. I know that we are going to get it paid off this year, so I should be super motivated to see how far we have come, but it's just stressing me out. Time to get it done!

OK, so this month pretty much stunk goals-wise. There's no hiding that. All I can do is stay focused this month. I need to figure out routines that work for me, and stick with them. Since I mastered so few of February's goals, I don't feel like I can add anything new for March. Here's to a finished list in April!

Do you have any laundry secrets? How do you power all the way through?

Do you have a good household routine? What is it?

Be blessed,

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