Saturday, April 7, 2012

Toddler Box 3: Pom Poms

Hi friends!

Toddler boxes are back! Yay! The one I have for you today is a go-to in our house. It is so versatile!

Super simple. Pom Poms and pinchers. Pom Poms are available in all sorts of colors at craft stores, and I found the oversize tweezers at my local teaching supply store.

Abbey likes to fill up her tea cups with pom poms, so those usually live in the box, too.
Sometimes we fill them up by color. Sometimes we fill up the cups and use the pinchers to put them back in the box.

Would you like some "punch"?

Another thing Abbey likes to do with these is glue them to paper. It is a great chance for her to work on multi-step projects. She's still working on getting enough glue onto her paper to get them to really stick, but we're getting there.

If your little one is up for more of a challenge, you can have them fill in the circles on bingo-dauber worksheets. 

I find a lot of great ones HERE.

Have any of you made any Toddler Boxes yet? I would love to see them! Link me up in the comments!

Now, it's time for the Kids Co-Op Linky Party!  I am amazed every week at the fantastic ideas in there. Make sure you check them out!

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  1. This is such a great linky party! I have never seen this before. I wish my kiddos were still little. I clicked on it because I saw the pom poms. When my son was young he needed a little help with his fine motor and we had a bucket of pom pom or cottonballs that he would dump out and pick up as he sang "pickin up pom poms putting them in the bucket." Thanks for a great memory, he is 21 now!

    1. What a sweet story. I love that! Thanks for stopping by. I'm your newest follower!

  2. I need some toddler boxes!! :) Cute ideas. Those pompoms are so fun. Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!


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