Saturday, April 28, 2012

Our Week in Pictures

Hi friends!

This week has been fantastic! I spent most of it in Atlanta at the Orange Conference. I'm still sort of mentally unpacking everything I heard, but there will be a post all about it coming this week!
Now...on to the pictures!

After years of flying standby (Matt worked for US Airways in Phoenix), it was pretty awesome having an actual ticket with an actual seat assignment.

Not gonna lie...I was pretty proud of myself for handling all the car rental stuff by myself. Not that I thought I couldn't, I just never have! When I saw what I was getting I was hoping for some dancing such luck. P.S. I loved this car!

I got to meet Landon!!! Friends of ours moved down to Atlanta and I got a chance to have dinner with them. I haven't seen them since last summer so it was great to spend even a little bit of time with them! 

This button makes me happy!

I learned so much this week! There were some great breakouts on creating Multi Sensory Environments for kids with disabilities, and using technology in ministry.

This is Stacy, and she is only one of the amazing people I met this week. She runs a Special Needs Ministry down in Texas, and I adore her!

The Orange worship team was absolutely incredible. I hate to say it, but I probably got more worship time in the past week then I did in the past year! It was absolutely wonderful.

Aaron Shust came to lead worship for a little while on the last day! It was fantastic!

I'm looking forward to getting all my thoughts together about this past week. Can't wait to share!

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Be blessed!


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  1. Isn't it wonderful when you come away from something feeling so inspired to start implementing some of the stuff you heard. Can't wait to read your up and coming posts!


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