Wednesday, April 9, 2014

#onelittleword 2014: April Goals

Hi friends!

It's that time again...goal recap! Are you still working on your #onelittlewords? How are they going?

It might not look like it, but I feel pretty good about this month! 

Here's what I was working on:

- 2 loads of laundry washed, dried and folded 5 days a week. Well, it's not quite this specific, but I do feel like I'm at least keeping up with the laundry most of the time, so I'll call it a win!

- In the Word every day. I'm getting better. I'll just leave it at that.
- 8 cups of water daily. Again...better! I have discovered that if I keep a tumbler with a straw full and close by this is easy. If I depend on myself to fill up glasses of water throughout the day, I won't do it.
- 2 workouts per week. Yes! Well, at least for the past week, but it's a good trend. I just discovered Blogilates, and I'm in love! Combine that with the YouTube app on our PS3 and I'm good to go!

Keep reading How To Blog... I'm almost done and it is rocking my world! Now to start putting things into action.
- Finish new design! :) It's DONE! Have you seen it? If you read this in a reader you probably haven't. Click on over and check it out!

- Write a snowball plan for remaining consumer debt Done! I'm not going to post it, but if all goes as plan we will be consumer/medical debt free by the end of the year! Woot!

OK, not on to this month

- Clear out the last of the moving messes. Even though we have found a place for most things, there are still a few spots that have homeless things just sitting around. Time to either find them a home or get rid of them!

- In the Word every day. 
- 8 cups of water daily. 
- 2 workouts per week. 
These three are pretty much non-negotiable, and not totally mastered, so they're staying put!
- Fresh produce at every meal. Dinner is good with this one, but I want to be better about getting fresh fruit or vegetables at breakfast and lunch. It's so easy to just grab a bagel or some leftovers, but is it really that hard to grab a banana or some carrots too?

- Two posts a week: I've been trying to get back into a regular posting schedule after pregnancy and the holidays kicked my butt. I'm feeling good about post a week, so time to move on to two! Any requests?
- Set up Google+: Facebook is being lame. I have a google+ account for this page, but I've barely used it. Time to get it going! Are you on Google+?

- Set up bank budget tool: Our bank has an online budget tool, but I haven't set it up. If I'm going to keep up with that snowball plan, I need to get that done!

So that's the plan for this month! What's your plan?

If you do, what are your favorite way to spend quite time in the Word?
Do you get your water every day? Tips and tricks?

Be blessed!


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