Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our Week In Pictures

Hi friends!
I'm not completely sure where this week went! All the sudden it's Saturday, and I'm wondering how that happened!

We went to a local air show on Sunday. It was small, but Matt got to get up close and personal with some airplanes and that's always a good day.

Abbey was not quite as thrilled...

Now these she enjoyed a bit more. I finally got her some water beads! She had so much fun playing with them!

In addition to being wheat-free, I am now trying my best to "eat clean". Basically, no refined sugar and carbs. I'm loving it! I lost 4 pounds my first week! I'm sure that will taper off soon, but I'm happy with it!

 My favorite dinner for the week was turning all of these...

Into this! Yum!!

One of our favorite farmer's markets opened this week! Hooray!

Every week there is a breeder there selling puppies. Abbey loves it!

 I'm not completely sure what to say about this one... ; )

Abbey had her first pinata experience at Matt' work BBQ. This pinata would. not. die. Seriously. It bent one of Matt's golf clubs...

It is amazing to me how sleeping children can look so big and so little all at the same time.

Be blessed!



  1. Looks like you guys had fun! We're planning on taking my little guy to the local airshow next year.

    I found your blog from the Coast to Coast link-up on Shane's blog and was just stopping by to say 'hi' as I'm from the Northern Illinois area =)


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