Monday, June 4, 2012

A Couple Announcements

Hi friends!

I've got exciting stuff for you today! Well, it's exciting for me anyway. I hope it's exciting for you!

First of all...I have a winner for the Eclos Beauty giveaway!

Our winner is:

Yay!! I'll get the sample pack to you soon!

Announcement #2 is the one I'm super excited about!

Let me introduce you to The Flannel Lamb!

That's right! I finally got my shop open! Right now it's full of Training Pants, but there are more products on the way. I am thrilled to finally have it open! I have been absolutely floored by the response to my DIY Cloth Training Pants tutorial. It has gone viral a couple times on Pinterest, and every time it does I just sit there and think "seriously?? Another pin??". I've also had several requests for purchasing sets by non-sewers, so here they are!
Oh, and can we talk about how cute that little lamby up there is?? My friend Laura Banasiak drew him for me, and I'm in love! Laura is a fantastic digital scrapbooking designer, and I just adore her doodley style. If your in the market for a logo, hit her up!

Be blessed!



  1. Congratulations, Heather! That's really exciting to see an idea come to fruition!

  2. Holy cow - or lamb, I should say. Makes me a little sad that I didn't even know you were trying to do this! Congrats.


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