Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Making Miracles with LeapFrog

 This post was sponsored by LeapFrog. I was provided with these toys in response for my honest response. 
All opinions are 100% my own.

Hey there, friends!

Have you ever found THAT toy? You know, the one that brings your kids together in a way that no other does, and creates the magic that is kids playing without screaming at each other? It is a rare gift! These might just be those toys...

Most of the product we have received from LeapFrog has been geared toward Abbey, so when I opened our latest delivery I was thrilled to find things that I deemed for Owen. He's not old enough for the screen-based games, so having some actual toys in the box was so exciting!

We opened up the Build and Discover Tool Set first, and he loved it! It's still a bit over his head in terms of the questions it asks, but he'll get there. It asks him to do things like find certain tools, count shapes and match colors. Abbey likes to help him find tools and teach him his colors. All in all, a hit across the board.

Now, while the tool box is adorable and we are big fans, the oven is the one that really tipped us over the edge...

This is the new Number Lovin' Oven, and "lovin'" is right!

Now, I have to preface this with the fact that Abbey is a phenomenal big sister. She is patient, and sweet to Owen, and we are beyond blessed. That being said, they are 4 years apart, and finding things that they like to do together right now can be a little tricky. 

We opened up this guy and they played together for HALF AN HOUR. 30 whole minutes, people. And they have done that more than once! It's a miracle worker, I tell you.

This toy, like all the wonderful preschool toys before it, is a multi-tasker. It works on numbers, counting, and even cooking. It sings, and lights up, and asks questions. I have found myself singing "put an egg on it" more times than I would care to admit! We love it. The food can be broken up, shared, and combined in all sorts of ways. These two adore it.

This is, more often than not, the first thing that Owen grabs to play with. Sometimes even before breakfast! He used to wake up and ask to watch cartoons. Now he goes for this. Another miracle!

Mama's favorite part? Everything fits inside! My kids toy pet-peeve is when a toy comes with all sorts of pieces and you have to figure out a way to keep them all together. LeapFrog has my back on that one! (The tool box is the same way. Bless them!)

If your littles are working on their Christmas lists (mine are, Lord help us!), these are absolutely deserving of a spot on the list! 

Have fun today!

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