Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Get Moving with LeapTV

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Hi friends!

Has November been crazy for you? It's been crazy for us! I think this time of year just moves in double speed.

The snow arrived yesterday. Boo. I'm sitting here watching flakes fall from the sky outside my window. Nothing is accumulating yet, but it's coming. We live in an apartment with no playground nearby, so getting active play in can be tricky on a good day. Add in the cold weather and it gets even harder! Impossible? No. But an every day occurance? Probably not. That is why I love to have a good arsenal of indoor active play ideas.

Good thing LeapFrog has me covered!

When I was first offered the chance to review a LeapTV, I turned it down. Honestly, I did! I didn't want another screen in the house. We are fortunate enough to be well supplied in that area, and I didn't see the value in adding another. When I was given another chance a few weeks ago, I decided to go with it this time. I knew that gloomy weather was coming and I thought that it might be a good way to get some movement into our day. I figured it was worth a try.

It absolutely was!

We are in love with our LeapTV!

It is a bit like a combo of several gaming systems. It uses both controllers, and a camera to detect movement. The controllers are super cool and can change shape depending on what the games uses them for. A simple push of a button, and you have either a "classic" style game controller, or a wand style one!

Our favorite controller based game has to be the Go-Karts! It reminds me of a more popular animated racing game, but has Abbey working on her math skills the whole time. To begin the game she has to solve problems that help her design her go-kart. After that,she gets to choose her race track and let it fly!

Now the camera adds an entirely new level of fun. What kid won't love seeing themselves on the screen? The camera reads your child's movements, and the game responds accordingly. Super cool! This is where the active play really begins! Abbey answers questions, follows movements, and solves puzzles all by moving!

The games available for LeapTV are all of your favorite video games. Racing, sports, dancing, even your favorite Disney characters and super heroes! I am not even kidding when I tell you that Abbey will play these games all afternoon, and be moving the entire time! Developing her math and reading skills, and getting the movement her growing body so desperately needs? I couldn't ask for much more! Well, maybe to skip straight to spring, but I don't think Leapfrog has that figured out just yet! ;)


We were given the chance to review even more games! So much fun stuff. Here is what we got to try out:

Disney Frozen: Arendelle's Winter Festival - This one is geared towards PreK-early elementary. Abbey adores Frozen and adores math, so this was an obvious win for her. It starts with number recognition and quickly adjusts to your child's level (which I love!). If you have a little Anna/Elsa/Olaf fan, this is the game for them.

Letter Factory Adventures - We love anything that has to do with anything Letter Factory! This game lives up to all the Letter Factory goodness. Geared towards the younger set, this game has them popping bubbles and bending into letter shapes, all while learning the letters and their sounds. Perfection!

Doodlecraft starring Mr Pencil - This is, hands down, Abbey's favorite new game. You get to be creative, design your entire environment, and complete quests. This is like her dream. All of that, plus the chance to move and groove like the rest of the LeapTV games. So much fun! 

Disney Princess: Cinderella and Rapunzel - If you have a princess lover (which I do), they are going to LOVE this. Your little one will play dress up, paint with Rapunzel's hair, wave their magic wand and dance at the ball. All while working reading skills like phonics, sight words, and spelling!

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