Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Favorite Educational Printable Resources

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Hi friends!

Even before I knew for sure that we would be homeschooling, I loved finding great printables for Abbey. She is my workbook/worksheet/seat work girl. We have been doing things like do-a-dot pages, pre-handwriting sheets, and puzzles for years. Now that we are homeschooling, I love printables even more! They make pulling together Abbey's curriculum so much easier. When we started out this year Abbey fell somewhere between Pre-K and K, so it was hard to find a full curriculum that was a good fit. We have been piecing things together as we go, and these sites make it so easy!

3 Dinosaurs
These were the very first printable I ever found! We were flying to Arizona to visit friends, and would be going on a Polar Express train ride. I wanted some activities for Abbey to do on the plane and in the car, and I found this pack! I've been hooked on her site ever since. She has printable packs for just about anything you can think of. I was sad for a while because Abbey seemed to be growing out of these, but now the updated packs are great for older kids, too! Lots of different math skills, which Abbey loves. They make putting together unit studies so easy. We're about to start using the Bug Pack. Cassie is amazing, has consistent quality and I know we'll be using these for a long time. 

This Reading Mama
I found Becky through Cassie! They have been working as a team for some time now putting together fantastic FREE printables to go with the Bob Books early readers. Our entire reading/writing curriculum for the year has come from these pages! Abbey loves the different games, puzzles and activities and the quality is impeccable. 

We are also huge fans of the other resources on her page. Having an early reader, it can be hard to find books that work for Abbey, but don't get her too frustrated. Becky's book How To Choose "Just Right" Books is a huge help! She also has some great reading and spelling resources! We've also been having fun playing her Word Bump game, which you can get for FREE on her facebook page!

Meet Penny
I actually got to hang out with this lovely lady this past weekend at 2:1. She's fantastic! She has an amazing deal on her site that you HAVE to know about. If you join her membership program, you will have access to all of her printables and ebooks over $3.99 FREE FOR LIFE! Yes, that's right. Sign up as a member once, and have access to anything that comes in the future!

Also, if you join between now and the 12th, she is having a 40% off sale! That makes lifetime access $15 instead of the usual $25. A smokin' sale on top of a smokin' deal? Yes please!

^^ Click here to sign up! ^^

There are so many other great printable sites out there, but these are my first 3 stops. These really are all purpose activities. You don't need to be a homeschooler to use these in all sorts of ways. Road trip? Print some out. Need activities on the go? Print out some of the puzzles, laminate them, and throw them in a bag. Want to help bridge students though the summer into next school year? These are great!

Do you have a favorite place for printables?
How do you use activities like this?

Be blessed!


  1. Awesome roundup of great resources! I'm pinning this. =0)

  2. We're not homeschoolers, but I have lots of friends who do. These are great resources! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing the list! Pinned it!


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